2017 the new you….again???


So 2017 is finally here and I’m getting tonnes of messages every day. The new year, new me people are thinking about changing their, bad habits, depression, negative thinking, lack of motivation etc….So then they see my ad! Some even pluck up the courage to send me a message. Some even book in to see me.

But….80% of people, even though they are unhappy with their circumstances. Even though it’s ruining their enjoyment of life. They do nothing about it. They “will think about it”. They hope it will change all by itself. Maybe some divine intervention will kick in. They don’t want to take responsibility for their life.

Every day you don’t do anything to resolve your problems you have literally wasted a day of your life. What did 2016 teach us? That life is precious and that it can be taken away at any time. So many celebrities died last year, many of them far too young that people were in shock. Yet some people here now reading this don’t think it could happen to them.

They are still wasting days, weeks and years of their life’s living miserably with conditions that in most cases can easily be treated, such as anxiety, fear and other behavioural problems. Why? Because they don’t think death applies to them. I once read that the average person sees 80 summers in their lifetime. How many have you seen? How many are left?

So the question is which one are you? The 80% who do nothing or the 20% who thinks there’s a better life out there and gets in touch. Think about it. But no TOO long!


Warm regards


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