Lesson 1

Please watch the video below

Very important 

I want to thank you again for joining the Anxiety Breakthrough System with 121 assistance with Steve. Always attending appointments is essential. 

This is going be fun and enlightening. 🙂

How it works

Every month you receive a lesson. A fortnight after receiving a lesson you receive part 2 of the lesson which will be a video recap of the PDF you read and you will also receive a hypnosis mp3 that goes with that lesson. There are 12 lessons in all.

Why you should stick with this program.

1. There are many reasons why you should stick with this program; the main reason is if you keep quitting one thing and going to another you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll feel deflated that this is yet another thing you have quit.

2. 100’s of people are on the same program as you right now! Every day I receive messages telling me how much they enjoy it. Each of your lessons is sequential and delivered by autoresponder. We strongly encourage you to stick with this for the entire 12 month duration. I know you’re chomping at the bit to improve but BE PATIENT. Obsessing over this program is the last thing I want you to do. Take it easy let it sink in, take your time.

I am contactable from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. I close weekends as I also need to look after my own mental health. Please don’t contact me out of work hours. Like you, I need time out of my job to recharge my batteries to be the best for you. In the past I’ve had people message me when I’m in a restaurant on Saturday night and late Sunday evenings. This is not acceptable. If you contact me out of hours there is a good chance you find yourself blocked or even removed from this program.

If you listen to the mp3 don’t expect to “switch your mind off”, that would be dangerous. Your mind can’t switch off otherwise you would die. Like any new skill it takes times to learn it. Learning to relax again is a process so be patient and it will come.


So I’m getting messages saying that they can’t get recordings to play on their phone. This is an iPhone issue as they want everything to go through iTunes. The solution is this. When you click the link it takes you to a google drive page. There you must download the file (look for the download symbol below) and it will then store the file in a section on your phone called Files (usually blue). From there on you can listen. So there’s an option to download on the link page. Look for it, it’s there. 

The next issue is that the phone recording goes off after a minute. That’s your phones sleep mode kicking in and not a problem with the recording. You can disable sleep mode via settings on your phone. I appreciate you taking the time to read this iPhone users.

Here’s lesson 1.

Remember each month we’ll send you an email with a download link to the next lesson in the series.  This email will always include Anxiety Breakthrough System in the subject line.

If you’re like me you hate it when people waffle on so I don’t add more work to your plate by going into long explanations. All my communications will be short and to the point. Simply click the link, read the PDF. (Twice would be preferable to take it all in). Do the assignment and reap the rewards. That’s it waffle over!

This week, the first lesson can be found here: Click Here

If you prefer to listen to a narrated version of the first lesson (Recommended) Click Here

It’s called Your Anxiety Has been Lying To You!

Hypnotherapy mp3

If you’re feeling anxious you can download my anxiety reduction mp3 recording here. Click Here. I highly recommend you do.

If you’re booked in to see me, it’s a good idea to listen to this a few times before you come for your session. Simply click the above link and either download it or play from your computer/ phone /tablet. Lie down or sit on your favourite chair, turn off all notifications, pop on your headphones and let me do the work. Don’t worry if you fall asleep it still works. 

NEW FOR 2020! Facebook members group for clients only. Weekly support, motivation and much more. Click Here to join!

Lastly those joining me via Skype please note the following.

  1. Please use laptop or tablet for the sessions as a phone isn’t very good and moves around too much.
  2. Please make sure you are free from distractions, kids, pets etc.
  3. Please turn off all other wifi devices to ensure the best connection and wifi strength.

All the best,

Steve Norton

Anxiety Specialist

P.S  A video will follow this lesson later giving an overview of what you have learnt. Roughly a fortnight later. All lessons MUST be read first before watching the video!