Lesson 12 part 2

Welcome to the Anxiety Breakthrough System.

Part 2 of lesson 12
Here’s the video recap of lesson 12. I hope you enjoyed the PDF? On the next video, I will go over the key points of what was written on the PDF.

It’s simple, click the links below and watch the videos. Take on board the info, follow the advice, take action on it, and see the difference it makes to your life. Go on click the link and let’s do this!

Here’s the Video http://bit.ly/2m5DKIu

I want to say big thank you for finishing the program! You should feel very proud of yourself!!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the program and learnt from it. Remember none of us are the finished article, we all have lots more to learn. See you soon!

Gold and Platinum Service Exclusive Member Offer.

So I hope you’d enjoyed your lessons and you’ve been doing them all? As it’s been 12 months since your first session with me you are due your 6 monthly session with me (especially if you missed your 6 monthly refresh).

If you did miss the 6 monthly refresh then you are well over due! Remember one of the reasons you came to see me in the first place was because you weren’t prioritising your mental health. We can’t let it slip.

Like a trip to the dentist for a check up it’s time to pop back to see me for a mental heath check up. Every month I’m learning new things, going on courses and the stuff I learn, I love to pass on to my best clients.

Why you should come back and the benefits to you.

  • It’s your opportunity to discus any challenges and work on them.
  • Check that you’re on track in your life and set some new goals.
  • Enjoy relaxing Hypnotherapy
  • Prevents stagnation and keeps you motivated.
  • Experience the latest techniques Steve has learned. 
  • Recharge your batteries. 
  • Take advantage of your memberships reduced rate!

Remember as a savvy Gold / Platinum member you get a reduced rate so you only pay £50 for the session and not the £95 standard rate!

Mental health is something we have to keep on top of so don’t forget. Prevention is better than cure!

Book your next session now by calling or texting me on 07825018878

See you soon!