Lesson 2

Welcome to the Anxiety Breakthrough System.

Lesson 2

Now you’re up and running its time to step it up a gear. The first lesson should be in your system now and you should be seeing some good results. You are already programming your mind for greatness. Remember though knowledge is power but only if you use it. You could have a gleaming red Ferrari outside but if you don’t get inside and hit the accelerator its just going to stay there. You get my point?

Good here’s your next lesson.

It’s simply called FOCUS! What’s it about? It’s about harnessing the power of your own Focus to achieve the outcomes you want for yourself.

This week, the second lesson can be found HERE:

If you prefer to listen to the narrated version of this lesson CLICK HERE

Hold on…..

An important addition to lesson 2.

So I’m constantly looking to improve things for my clients. I often work late as I find my creative mind works better when the world has gone to sleep and the house is quiet.

So for the past few months I’ve created a small eBook that’s now part of lesson 2. It’s called the Anxiety Hoax. It’s an important part of the program now and I’d like you to read it. CLICK HERE

Or if you prefer to listen to it CLICK HERE

The Anxiety Breakthrough System was created in 2016 and is now ready for an over haul. My mission is to look at every lesson and make them better. I’m committed to helping you improve your life so when an update is made you will be notified.

Have a great week!


P.S  A video will follow this lesson later giving an overview of what you have learnt. Roughly a fortnight later. All lessons MUST be read first before watching the video!

In case you lost your last lessons you can always find them at the bottom of every lesson page.

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