Anxiety Test

Here below is a simple test to see whether you are a conscious mind thinker or not. Whenever you let your conscious mind direct you, you live a life of over-caution and indecision. In the conscious mind there is always a reason to be wary, suspicious and alert!

This can lead to stress and paranoia. Also, decisions are very hard to make because you have two voices in your head telling you two different things at the same time.

Most people use the conscious mind to direct them in their lives, which is risky. To see whether you do, just see if the below questions ring a bell with you. Do these seem familiar?

Please tick the ones that you can relate to:

– You have an inability to make decisions
– You think people are talking about you
– You are a worrier
– You get stressed easily
– You feel depressed often
– You are very emotional
– You avoid new challenges
– You like soap operas
– You fear change
– You don’t like planes/trains/cars
– You watch the news avidly
– You expect the worst
– You believe what people say (negative)
– You believe in bad luck/superstition/tarot
– You don’t like yourself.