Are anxiety and depression linked?

Are anxiety and depression linked

People often ask me are anxiety and depression are linked or are anxiety and depression are the same. They ask can anxiety be cured or can depression lift on its own. Well here I’m going to answer those questions.

You can imagine the stereotypical person suffering from anxiety pacing continuously to and from the breadth of a room. On the other hand, a depressed person is moody, and exhausted to immobility. These stereotypes are a little far from the true nature of these mental disorders, but they serve to nonetheless make it seem impossible to imagine someone having both mental disorders.

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How to stop health anxiety

How to stop health anxiety

Ok so we’re going to talk about how to stop health anxiety, the symptoms of health anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help.

Firstly to understand how to stop Health Anxiety, we’d have to look at the life of Maria. Maria had always been on the move all her life, and had managed to be in great shape physically until one fateful winter. She says that she reached out put off her alarm clock early in the morning one day, and she felt a sensation like there were many needles on her leg.

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What if

When you’re anxious about something don’t forget you’re only imagining it and that it’s not real.

The key is to always remember that your fear isn’t real, it’s just your imagination.

Recognise that it was only ever your imagination.

Stop imagining that fear by understanding that you are only scared of your own thoughts 💭.

If what you thought about was real then all you have to think about was winning the lottery and it would happen.

Have a great day!