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What if

By |November 12th, 2019|

What if
When you’re anxious about something don’t forget you’re only imagining it and that it’s not real.

The key is to always remember that your fear isn’t real, it’s just your imagination.

Recognise that it was only ever your imagination.

Stop imagining that fear by understanding that you are only scared of your own thoughts 💭.

If what you thought about was real then all you have to think about was winning the lottery and it would happen.

Have a […]

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Dealing with fear

By |November 12th, 2019|

Everything you fear is your FRIEND.

What you fear holds the key to a better life for you and more self-confidence. Let’s take the most typical things people fear in my office and see why they are your friend.


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Hypnotherapy in middlesbrough

By |October 14th, 2019|

Hypnotherapy In Middlesbrough
If you’re looking for help with anxiety, depression and other related conditions and you live in the North East of England I can help. As a former anxiety sufferer I know more than most how debilitating the condition can be. I have devoted my efforts since to help those like myself to be anxiety free. […]

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How to stop feeling self conscious

By |October 14th, 2019|

How to stop feeling self conscious

One of the most common signs of anxiety is self consciousness. I hear most days from clients that they think people either think negatively about them or are even talking about them. This “what will people think” mindset causes much anxiety.


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Symptoms of anxiety

By |August 22nd, 2019|

What are the symptoms of anxiety?
The purpose of this video is to give you some answers to the questions I get asked every week. I will cover most apects of anxiety and the most common issues people have with it.

A breakdown of the video content is as follows.
What is anxiety?
How does it start?
Nobody is born with anxiety. It is a learned response.
Only 2 fears.
What are the symptoms of anxiety?
Feeling of impending doom.
Anticipating something bad is […]

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