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Welcome to my blog. I’m Steve Norton a qualified hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, motivational speaker, and a true believer in positive thought. Thank you for visiting my website. As a former anxiety attack sufferer for most of my youth I understand how it feels to have fear.

My therapy strategies bear heavily on my own experiences using hypnotherapy and hypnosis and over 18 years working with people who suffer from some form of anxiety. I know how it feels to live with anxiety, fear and low confidence. Thankfully my own experiences and how I battled to free myself from these conditions, have allowed me to treat people like you in a whole new way.

How to stop obtrusive thoughts

Obtrusive thoughts. So people ask me all the time, what are obtrusive thoughts and how can I stop them. Obtrusive thoughts are habitual and can be corrected. The key is not letting them get out of hand. In this short video I will tell you what you can do about them.

Best wishes Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist

Sometimes people have thoughts that they wish they didn’t have. Horrible thoughts. Thoughts about things they would never do. These thoughts are the cause of much stress. Thoughts about pedophilia, murder, sexual deviancy or often the recurring thoughts people struggle with. 

Part of the OCD family, obtrusive thoughts are normally pretty straight forward to treat. 

I have been treating people with obsessive and obtrusive thoughts for over 20 years. I use a combination of Thought Retraining and Hypnosis to remove this stubborn condition. Thought Retraining is Steve’s own tried and tested formula for changing the thought patterns that have now been habitually installed due to repetition.

In as little as 4 sessions we can remove your obtrusive thoughts. Hypnosis is an amazing tool for changing the thought patterns and replacing them with healthier ones. 

If you want to get rid of yours get in touch.

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Does anxiety cause fatigue?

Does anxiety cause fatigue? Absolutely! Anxiety puts a lot of stress on your nervous system than can leave you exhausted. Check out this short video to find out why! Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist

Do you have Adrenal fatigue?

A little known symptom of anxiety is adrenal fatigue. When you have anxiety your body floods adrenaline and cortisol into your system as the fight or flight response kicks in.

Adrenal fatigue can be damaging to your body as those chemicals are like battery acid to your body.

Long term untreated anxiety can create the symptoms of physical burnout and chronic fatigue.

The good news is that it’s reversable if you get the right guidance and don’t wait too long to get help.

If you think you might have Adrenal fatigue don’t wait for it to get worse before you do something about it.

If you’d like some more information and advice get in touch.

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How to maintain happiness (YES IT’S POSSIBLE)!

How to maintain Happiness 😃 It takes work to be happy. Daily consistent things you do to maintain it. It’s not something you do for a few weeks and then sit back. You’ve got to work at it every day! No self help book will make you happy. Happiness is about consistent actions day after day after day. Happiness is a full time job especially at the moment.


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