Can anxiety be removed permanently?

Can anxiety be removed permanently? That is the big question! If it can’t then I’d better contact my old clients and tell them to come back. Seriously though, most modern therapies only believe we can manage anxiety or cope with it. It’s simply not true. 

Getting rid of anxiety

Can permanently get rid of anxiety is the number 1 question I am asked. It doesn’t have to be a permanent condition, even though many people who work in therapy do believe that it has to be permanent, you just got to manage it, it isn’t.

However, this is important to understand. Even though you get rid of anxiety permanently. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never ever be without an anxious moment. Life will present things at times that will make you anxious, But it doesn’t mean that you are in anxiety doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from anxiety life generally will give us times in all our lives that we will feel anxious about something.

But that’s the big difference. Anxiety is, it’s almost like a permanent step when you’ve got anxiety, anxious moments are just how we react to things that happen in our lives. So, my clients who have been in my programme.

Understanding anxiety

Does that mean that they never ever have an anxious moment and they did, they will have times that will test them. There will be times that they will still feel anxious from time to time, but they are not suffering from anxiety.

They are reacting and adapting to situations, and through the things I teach their responses will be far better, They will be far better equipped, of how to deal with those anxious situations than she would have done before.

So, it is natural to feel anxious if you bump your car. If you are going to get the sack. If you’ve done something that isn’t very pleasant. The anxious feeling is quite normal. But that is not anxiety.

Those things pass really quick, the sensations go up pretty quick, and then you’re back to we might call normal again. But anxiety is a part of permanence step. So, I hope that answers that question.

Yes, anxiety can be removed, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve ever feel any anxious states because of life. Life will always test you that life will always throw something at you. And it’s how we react to those things that makes the difference.

So hope that makes sense. And we’ll see you again soon for another video so have an amazing day.

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