Does counselling work for Anxiety

Hi Steve not an anxiety specialist here, I want to talk to you about something I hear almost every single week. Does counselling work for Anxiety? Often people tell me that they’ve tried counselling in the past, and they’re going back and try it again.

What is counselling good for?

Now, the thing with counselling is very very good for us to think bereavement, when we’ve lost somebody and you just need to talk to someone that’s really really good counselling is amazing for that. But let’s say for instance you’ve got anxiety.

You can’t just talk away anxiety you can’t just have a conversation about it and then that anxiety just going to disappear by itself. Does counselling work for Anxiety?  Counselling to try to get rid of anxiety is a bit like taking a toothpick to try to knock down a house. It isn’t going to work.

And when you think about the logic behind what most people do is they have counselling and then 5 to 10 years later they go back and have some more of it. So if it didn’t work before. It’s not going to work again. And it was Albert Einstein actually said that the definition of madness is trying to get a different result by doing the same thing.

What we need to do instead help with anxiety!

So we understand what counselling really is it is it isn’t for anxiety. Anxiety is very much a mind programme, it is like, almost like a computer virus that gets stuck in your mind. So simply talking about it won’t remove it. You’ve got to go into the source,

You’ve got to go into the, the hard drive if you like of the brain, and dig it out. It’s almost like or like imagine if you had a problem with your boiler, would you expect the boiler man to come around every week just have a chat about that, would you expect that to actually fix the problem. No you wouldn’t.

Anxiety is exactly the same, anxiety needs specific tools and techniques to remove it. So, if you’re one of these people who is anxious, and for years you’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked.It simply makes no sense to go back to do more things that didn’t work. Does that even make sense?

No, of course it doesn’t. In order to change, anxiety, you’ve got to do something completely differently, you’ve got to, you’ve got to go see someone who deals with a day in day out. Who, that’s their bread and butter.

To summerise

So if you’ve got anxiety, and you want to get some help with it, jump on the phone, I can honestly say to people. I never persuade anyone to come to my programme. In fact it’s Tommy’s his way around.

If I don’t feel you’re right for the programme with a dog feel like you’re not ready for it as simply would never take on as a client. I only take on people that genuinely think I can help. So I hope that clears things up about counselling, and I hope to hear from you soon if got any questions, feel free to ask me, send me a message, and let’s jump on the phone.

Let’s get rid of anxiety for good.

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How to remove Anxiety build up

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialists here. Let’s talk about how to remove anxiety build up. So let’s face it for the last 14 months, we’ve all been through the wringer. We’ve all been tormented basically by what’s been going on in the world in life, and especially in this country.

How anxiety builds up

For the last 14 months we’ve been living under the lockdown restrictions and fear, and a lot of basically negative brainwashing. And there’s no way that that wouldn’t have had some sort of effect on us. I absolutely know, it has on people.

Because anxiety and stress is something that generally builds up and we almost like get used to it along the way. So, here’s the thing. Now that the shops have opened today. That doesn’t mean that anxiety is gone away, the residue of anxiety can stay with us for quite a long time.

So now is a good time to actually look at things and say look, it’s time I start to give myself a little bit of TLC. And we do that for everything else you know we go and get our hair done, we get our makeup done all that other stuff.

What we need to do

But we also need to do is look after our minds because our minds have literally been battered, for the last 14 months. Every time you put the radio on Coronavirus negativity every time you look at a bush shelter, pictures of the virus and the pandemics.

Anytime you put the TV, on the newspaper, we’ve literally, we have been put in a state of fear, for the last 14 months. There’s no way that hasn’t had some sort of cycler logical effect on everyone. That’s how anxiety builds up.

So what I’m saying to you is, now is the time to actually get some more normality back to life. And I can help you, I can teach you in a couple of ways. I can teach you how to start to reprogram out of your system.

All of this negativity that’s built up over the last 14 months. And there’s two ways I can do it, you can either work one to one with me, or you can go to my online only program. Both ways work really, really well.

Focus on the solution

We need to get rid of that residue that’s built up inside of you because of 14 months of just negative brainwashing. Let’s get some sort of normality back let’s get that happiness back let’s get you smiling again.

So if that sounds like something that you need some that you want, and it certainly is. Get in touch with me, and we’d have a chat box on one to one sessions. We can also talk about how my online programme can get things back to some sort of normality for you.

In fact better than normal better than what it was before.

You really can do that. So thanks for listening, and we’ll speak soon bye for now.

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The benefits of anxiety

The Benefits of Anxiety

Hi, Steve Norton anxiety specialist here. Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? 

Anxious about losing anxiety!

Are you afraid of giving up the anxiety benefits? Anxiety benefits what can they be? Let me give you an example, quite often when people will send me messages and say yes, I’ve got terrible anxiety and when I offer them the solution to that and say, yes, we can help you with that.

We can make you feel more confident. We can make you feel more relaxed. We can make you feel so much better inside that person suddenly thinks. 

Anxiety and your identity

I’ve never known that person! What will I be like as a person with that and suddenly they start fearing the idea of losing their anxiety because they have got an identity as an anxious person.

At some level they are getting benefits from having anxiety, and some of those benefits could be, is that they’re able to use it as an excuse not to do things. They can use excuse to get out of things, you can get attention from it.

You can control situations and you may be allowed not to go to work because of it. There are so many different things. So quite often when people ring me up and I start talking about life without anxiety they start thinking wait a minute. Do I really want to get rid of it,  because sometimes anxiety can be  quite a cushy little number.

Your doubts about who you are?

If I have got to get rid of anxiety and live as a regular person am I able to do it? Who will I be? I don’t know myself as that person and suddenly the idea of losing anxiety becomes actually scarier than the idea of keeping it.

So quite often when people call and ask can I help them and I say yes, I can help, I’ll never hear back from them because they have  decided that there’s more benefits in keeping anxiety. 

That’s not in every case obviously because I do work with a lot of people with anxiety, but I often get people back out when they think about it. They suddenly realise that there’s more to lose than to gain and they’re choosing to be anxious for the benefits.

So I hope that helps you a little bit more idea and insight into the  psychology of the mind. It’s a fascinating thing at times working with people that anxiety 

You think it’d be really quite clear cut with anxiety. They don’t want it. It’s not always the case. So I hope that makes sense. I’ll see you again soon for another video.

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Fear of booking a call

The first step is to make a move

The fear of booking a call can be daunting. What will Steve think about me? I think the same thing of everyone who books a call with me. They they are being bold. I think they are courageous. I think they are brave. No matter what they say I sympathise. Why? Because I’ve been there too. I’ve walked that path. I’m the last person who will judge you. I’m there to help. I don’t bite!


fear of booking a call

I know you’ve nearly called…. But at the last moment your fear of booking a call has stopped you.
The more you put it off the more difficult it seemed.
You have to overcome your own fears to make the first call. That in itself is the start of the change process.
The next hurdle is what to do after the call. Book in then and there or say “I’ll think about it”.
If you have to think about it when you’ve had years of misery then it’s dead in the water. You’ve now chosen a life with anxiety. The time to act is now.

Opportunities should be taken

Life presents opportunities to change the direction of your life. Some you grasp others you don’t.
It’s in these moments of decision that your life changes.
Getting to that point of change takes the longest time.
Every time you give in to fear you are giving into something you know deep down is not true.
Every enquiry I have that I speak to, is never as bad as they thought.
Yet staying anxious is always as bad as they thought.

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Anxiety and identity

Anxiety and identity.

Have you created an identity for yourself as an anxious person? Watch this video to find out about anxiety and identity and the dangers of doing that. You might be creating an identity for yourself that you don’t really want.

I’d like to ask you a question. Have you created an identity for yourself? Do you identify yourself as someone with anxiety, with low self confidence, with weight issues, gambling problems, problems with behaviour? Have you identified yourself with that, because when we do that we then start locking ourselves into that personality?

Change your perception option of yourself.

Anxiety and identity. When you start thinking of yourself, let’s say for instance, as an anxious person, you will mould your life around that identity. And it almost becomes a part of you. And one of the difficulties that people have had, when people ever get in touch with me is that they’ve done it for so long that they believe that it’s part of them, that they believe is, it’s a part of them that can never ever change.

Especially when they’ve been to see all the therapies and tried different things that haven’t worked, and then think it’s just like a genetic thing that’s always going to be with them. But I want you to understand that those identities, and not who you are, and not who you have to be. You just need to know how to change it.

Forget old stuff that didn’t work

Yes, you’ve tried things that haven’t worked you’ve tried books you’ve read self help books and perhaps you’ve been through counselling and different things on the NHS, you may feel as if because of that.

You can change, but you need to understand that some of those methods that you’ve tried in the past were really old stuff, really outmoded stuff, and it wasn’t that you failed those things that those things actually are not very effective, from the start. In fact, I would go so far to say that the failed view.

So rather than having this identity that you think that you are this person that’s who you have to be understand that with the right knowledge, with the right guidance. The so called limitations that you’ve got, we can change them. They don’t have to be a part of you. You just need to know how to change them that is really is the key.

You can change anything with the right help

And the problem what you have is that you will believe that you can’t change them. That’s the biggest thing. The biggest part of the problem is that you have the belief system set up that you can’t change that it’s just who you are. Yet there’s literally millions of people throughout the world every year change things about themselves.

The find a way, there’s always a way there’s a solution to every problem. So, if you actually really want to change some of these false beliefs they have about yourself, get in touch. We’ll have a little chat. And we’ll talk a little bit about how, through the right guidance, we can remove these things these ideas that you have about yourself and who you are.

So have a little chat with me and we’ll speak soon, hopefully, and have a wonderful day and I’ll see you again soon. 

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