Creating problems with your own thinking

Are you looking for problems?

Thoughts are plans to the mind so be careful what you’re focusing on. Anxiety is the obsession of looking for problems that aren’t there.

That could be:
. Health
. Work
. Relationships

It then becomes a conditioned response. If it isn’t fixed quick it causes devastating effects to the person and the person’s life.

If you can relate to the above give me a call and we can fix it before it gets any worse.

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Facts about anxiety

With so much information about anxiety online these days it’s hard to seperate the facts from the fiction! Here is what most people aren’t telling you about anxiety….

The TRUTH can be hard to accept….at first.

All psychological problems don’t exist in reality. We make them up. They are a thought that we entertain. They are part of a fantasy we create. Then we utterly convince ourselves that they’re real and then we have a problem.

When I had anxiety I believed it was real. It felt real. It was happening to me. I woke up and it was there. In the pit of my stomach. It was the first thing I looked for when I woke up. I then knew I was going to have a bad day.

I then mentally planned my day. What could go wrong? What if this happened, what if that happened. Then I felt more anxious waiting for those things to occur. What I didn’t realise at the time is that I was PLANNING these things to happen.

How does anxiety start?

You see what you think about your mind thinks you want. If you imagine negative scenarios and endings your mind thinks you want this. Your mind gets to work on it.

The facts about anxiety is that most psychological issues are caused by the person creating habitual thought patterns. Running them through enough times so that they become their everyday thinking. Then they mould a life around the belief that they have a psychological problem.

Keeping control of your imagination

A lot of clients I see have convinced themselves that they in a worse place than what they actually are. My job is to break the habitual thought pattern and replace it with something more in line with what they want.

So now you know the facts about anxiety, If you can relate to this and would like to discuss this further please feel free to message me on here or via my website.

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Hypnotherapy in middlesbrough
Hypnotherapy in middlesbrough

Listen to your body

So on Friday I came down with a heavy cold. As normal I tried to ignore it and planned to go to the gym. As the day wore on I felt gradually worse. By Saturday morning I was good for nothing.
All weekend I was thinking when will I get better so I can get back to the gym. Roll on today and I still have it. Today it dawned on me what’s happening. Every time I felt a little better I planned my next gym session. The next thing I felt ill again.I believe it’s my mind creating the illness to prevent me from going to the gym. It believes I need a week off and the only way it can stop me is to make me feel ill. I realised that I have trained 6 days a week for pretty much a year and I do train hard.

So I will listen to my body and take a week off the gym this week to rest my body. You can’t beat your mind if it wants to stop you. It knows you don’t have the common sense at times to know when to take a break.

So listen to your body as it’s always talking to you.

Best wishes