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Corporate group training seminars are a solid investment for any company who are pro-active in finding ways of eliminating stress in the office. Creating a more focused, relaxed, and productive working environment.

Your company can make savings of up to thousands of pounds by investing in either a 2 Hour,  or Half Day training Seminar. Investment per attendee is negotionable and flexible (minimum 20). In using the latest cutting edge techniques, I’m able to literally transform the working environment of your company!

corporate_wrkThe cost of an employee on long term, or repeated spells of short term sick leave, due to stress or other psychological problems, is costly. This in turn affects colleagues within a team, by way of extra workload to cover essential duties.

Let me ask you some questions…

  • How much does it cost your Company when an employee takes timeoff work for a month due to stress?
  • How many members of staff have taken time off due to stress in the last 5 years?
  • How does it affect productivity and morale in the office when your staff are stressed?

With over 20 years experience working with clients for stress, anxiety, panic attacks and compulsions. I will give your staff the tools to prevent or eliminate the stress in their lives.

If my seminar only helped one member of staff out of twenty to overcome their stress, that saving in sick pay alone would pay for my seminar!

Drawing on my experience as a practitioner of N.L.P, Hypnotherapy, and having trained with TV’s “The Speakmans” I provide an interesting and interactive day. Your staff will not only learn to understand the causes of stress, but will know how to deal with it effectively so that it doesn’t affect their personal lives.

My seminar will benefit your business in 2 ways…

Firstly: Your staff will appreciate the idea that the company cares for their wellbeing enough to allow them to attend this seminar. This boosts staff morale.

Secondly: By having your staff trained in the latest stress prevention techniques, staff sick rates will be reduce, saving you money. It’s a win win deal!






Investment per attendee is negotiable and flexible (minimum 20)

“I never thought it would be possible to change your way of thinking in such a short space of time, but you have definitely proved me wrong. I feel like I finally realised that I can actually influence my emotions and it wasn’t just something that happened to me that I have to cope with. One member of staff has said that she now sleeps a lot better as she uses the technique to get rid of negative thoughts and therefore goes to sleep easier and if she wakes up during the night, the technique allows her to go straight back to sleep.”.

Angelika Tapping GradIOSH DipNEBOSH TIFireE Health & Safety Assistant HMP Holme House