Dealing with fear

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Everything you fear is your FRIEND.

What you fear holds the key to a better life for you and more self-confidence. Let’s take the most typical things people fear in my office and see why they are your friend.

Aeroplanes. Friend because they take you on holiday to nice places. Imagine a life where you never travel!

Vomit. Friend because it removes harmful things from your body that could kill you.

Open spaces. Friend because you get to see they beautiful countryside and cities and other amazing places.

Spiders. Friend because the average spider eats 2000 bugs in its lifetime. Bugs that would have bitten you. Spiders have no interest in you!

Driving. Friend because it gives you the freedom to go to new places without having to rely on others. Nobody likes to get a bus!

Your perception is the key

It’s all about how you look at things you can either see it as your friend or your enemy. It’s your mind you have to use it the right way. See it as an enemy and you become a victim. You see it as a personal attack on you. Choose to see it as a friend and it will open doors for you. It’s your choice.

The things in life you fear are the very things that will set you free.

You view them as the bad things yet they are they are on your side.

They are in your corner. They are here to help you.

Think about those things you fear, these things are here to help you.

Best wishes