Your Deep Relaxation Package

5 Step Sleep Technique Video Lessons

Learn Steve’s sleep techniques to get the perfect nights sleep. While also learning how to quite down your brain before bed so you don’t lie up in worry and restlessness. You’ll thank yourself every morning!

Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy

Experience radiant calm and instant well-being through subconscious reprogramming. The recording will allow your mind to relax and send you straight to sleep. (WARNING: Don’t listen while driving or operating machinery)

Insomnia Elimination Recording

Sooth stress and anxiety so you can easily fall asleep; AND stay asleep. Remove factors that condition your mind to resist sleep and reverse current internal habits that stop you staying asleep.

“How To Get The Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had” eBook

Understand sleep, learn why you need it and what you can do to increase the quality of you sleep. It truly will give you the power for a great nights sleep most (if not every) night! 

BONUS - Sleep Posture Correction Blueprint

Together with Levitex, you can learn the best sleep positions to wake up pain free and rectify years of poor posture. This will not only reduce the pain you feel and increase you happiness in life, but actually reduce stress, fatigue and tiredness.