Does Hypnosis Work?

That’s a question I hear all the time “does hypnosis work”. It’s a fair question because where is the proof? Does it work as a placebo whereby the person believes it will work and they are paying for it, so they are making it work?

My view is that the latter part of the last sentence definitely comes into play but it is NOT the whole story.

You see back in the dark ages people believed that the only people that could be hypnotised we’re those who were gullible or weak minded. People believed that in order to be “put under” you had to be of lower intelligence or something like that.

What I have found and I can say this with almost 20 years working with people as a hypnotherapist using hypnosis with most of my clients, that the vast majority of people who come to see me for treatment are of over average intelligence. Yes not gullible or easily led and here’s the most amazing thing….

Almost 100% of them that turn up DON’T believe it will work for them. People never turn up and say “Hi Steve I believe it will work for me”. They always think that they will be the one it doesn’t work for. They think they will be the unlucky one, the one that can’t be hypnotised. Why? Because they are in a mindset of gloom when they turn up which is part of the reason they see me in the first place.

The vast majority of my clients are high achievers and high earners, they are not mugs who are easily duped. The only thing i ask of my clients is to work with me and do any “Homework” I set them. I don’t ask them to believe me, I tell them just do what I tell them and let the hypnosis do its own work.

The results I have seen with the changes clients have made after seeing me could not have been achieved without hypnosis in my opinion. Baring in mind that most clients will have tried many other methods to try to remove their problem or issue without success beforehand. Typically clients try cognitive behaviour therapy as well as other psychological treatments beforehand without success before they call. It’s funny how none of the above work until they try hypnosis!

To date I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their challenges with my hypnosis downloads and one to one hypnotherapy. So “Does hypnosis work” ? Come and see me and YOU decide!

Warm regards


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