Don’t wait too long for help!

So I received a message from a lady the other day asking for my help. During the course of the conversation it transpired that she contacted me 2 years ago but decided to “think about it”.

During those 2 years her anxiety didn’t improve and she went on medication. This increased over time and her anxiety only worsened.

So now she was finally ready to do something about the situation. Unfortunately due to the amount of medication she is now taking I couldn’t help her.

If she’d booked in 2 years ago she’d be fine now and drug free. Last year the NHS issued 64 million prescriptions for anti depressants.

We are becoming a nation of people who rely on drugs to live. Drugs are not living though. It’s a drug fuelled reality. It’s not real. Your personality is not real on drugs.

My advice is get help before you go down the drugs route, because once you’re down that path it can be a horrible place.

Get in touch if you want your life back.

Warm regards