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Expert Anxiety help is only a click or a call away…

So are FaceTime / Skype hypnotherapy sessions as good as in being sat in Steve’s office?

Yes indeed they are. Steve now has several year’s experience conducting sessions this way with clients across the globe and the U.K. In today’s fast paced world and people working ever stranger hours, FaceTime and Skype is a convenient way to access therapy where ever you may be. Clients include people who travel on business and find it hard to get to an office easily, people who work long hours, people who wish to access Steve’s expertise but live too far away (including Australia, USA, New Zealand, and within the UK), Agoraphobics who can’t get to Steve’s office or prefer to be in their own homes. Whatever your reason or need for FaceTime / Skype sessions they can be conducted at a time that suits you. So now if you can’t drive or get the kids minded you can still be a personal client of Steve.

For Successful FaceTime / Skype sessions you need the following things:
A stable internet connection
Access to a computer or tablet or phone with a webcam
A FaceTime / Skype account
Somewhere comfortable to have the session
Some privacy
The use of headphones, earbuds or a headset is recommended
An Appointment with Steve

If you have all of those things you are good to go, where ever you are in the world.

These sessions usually last up to 1 hour though can be longer should we need it.

To make a FaceTime or Skype session appointment Click here or  text or call Steve on UK (0044) (0) 7825018878 Fee £87