What is an Anxiety Specialist?

An anxiety specialist is someone who specialises in treating people with anxiety related issues. I use my vast experience to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. I work with you to resolve any psychological difficulties you may have that have been holding you back. Whatever hurdles you have that are impeding your progress will be examined and a solution will be provided.  I will draw out a plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to go in life. I will be your personal guide and mentor. It’s like having a best friend but one whose whole agenda is to serve you and look after your well-being. I use a multi-pronged approach combining Psychotherapy, Thought Retraining and Hypnosis if needed. My fees are very reasonable compared to the cost of keeping your issue / difficulty.

What Are Your Fees?

My flat fee for a standard session is £95. My Gold and Platinum mentoring programs are for those who have more complex issues to deal with and are wanting a more comprehensive after care. The person who chooses the Gold or Platinum mentoring program are looking for the top tier treatment and are committed to changing their lives. The Gold mentoring package fees are £350 and the Platinum package is £450. You can read more about the packages by clicking HERE

What RESULTS Can I Achieve Through Your Help Steve?

It really depends on what it is you need help with and of course how much you put into it. Lets say for example you have anxiety and confidence problems. That’s what I would help you with. Boosting your self confidence and reducing your anxiety at the same time. Typically clients contact me because they want to overcome many hurdles. Generally; anxiety, stress, anger issues, lacking confidence, weight issues, behaviour and bad habit changes and so on. Often there are multiple issues that need to be worked out to move that person forward. People usually come to see me when everything else they have tried didn’t work and now they want RESULTS!

What Methods Do You Use?

Unlike conventional therapy I am not bound by strict models such as Psychiatry or CBT for example. My background is Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy although to be honest there are no fancy buzz words to describe what I do. I developed the Thought Retraining process as I was developing as a therapist and there’s no other therapist / mind coach on this planet who can do what I do.  I never just go through the motions with every client, every client is unique so I don’t treat them all the same. I’ve worked with over 1000 clients over the last 20 years and my success rate is 94%. I think it’s a combination of a lot of experience and a kind of sixth sense of knowing how to help!

What Is Thought Retraining?

You can read all about Thought Retraining by clicking HERE

Why is your success rate so high?

The reason it’s so high is because I don’t take on every person who applies to see me. If I don’t think I can help you I will point you in another more suitable direction. I would never take on a client for the money only. It gives me a real buzz to see a person overcome their challenge and start to become what they were born to be. That’s why I do what I do! The money side is the icing on the cake and it ensures the client is serious about making some changes in their lives. I measure my success rate on my clients telling me that they have received a measurable amount of positive benefit from working with me and that they are pleased with the results.

What’s The Difference Between Seeing A Therapist And Seeing You Steve?

Around 80% of my clients have been to other therapists before contacting me and most are referred by previous clients. Some of them are worse because of their previous “therapist”. Unfortunately there are people setting themselves as therapists with little or no real training having bought online courses and had no clinical experience. Very Dangerous Indeed! I’ve been in this business since 1996 and there’s not much I haven’t deal with in that time. The biggest difference when seeing me is the RESULTS and that’s what you pay for. You are paying of my high level of expertise and my ability to deliver the results. Working with the human mind and the challenges people see me for is often a complex process. Do you really want to hand over your mind to someone you found in the yellow pages? This is not like shopping for tins of beans, this is your life and welfare we’re talking about here. Would you look for the cheapest laser eye surgery you could find?

My clients experience results in days and usually within a week, not months or years like traditional therapy. There are no other therapists or mind coaches on the planet that can do what I do or knows what I know. The difference is how comprehensive my mentoring is. As well as the one to one sessions, weekly “Homework” assignments are given each week which follow a plan of action. Every session and the materials provided accelerate your progress without creating additional demands on your day. If accepted onto the mentoring program you will be part of an exclusive group of individuals. To make you my priority I limit the clients I see to just 5 a week. That way not only will you be getting my full attention but I also will not be overloaded so I can deliver you the best mentoring experience.

Are The Results Permanent?

Let’s look at things this way, if you go to the dentist and have your teeth polished they will look great. If though you never brush them after, then in time they will soon go back to their original state and even worse. The same goes for any kind of activity from self-mastery to exercise. My mind coaching is not a quick fix so that you do something for a few weeks and then no longer, what I teach is a way of living that if followed and internalised will produce a far better quality of life for the individual. You know if you join a gym and go for a month you’ll start to see results, but if you then stop going you will start to lose the gains you made. The same goes for my coaching. It’s not something you do for a few weeks, you use the principles for life!

Is It Like Counselling?

No my coaching isn’t about coming to chat about your problems. My coaching is about taking action to resolve your problems. You can talk to your friends about your problems for free! When you come to see me I don’t need your life history, all I need to know is what you want to achieve by coming to see me. I’ve done this job long enough to know the best course of action needed to help you. My job is to make that happen. It does neither you nor me any good to relive your past negative experiences. I don’t take people’s money just to listen to their problems. If that’s what you are looking for, I’m not your man.

Will It Work?

Like anything in life for it to work you have to want it to work, and you have to be open-minded to new ideas. The truth is, for mentoring to work you have to be committed to trying something different. To be successful you have to follow the course and do the exercises I show you. Try to get out of your mind the fantasy that someone can just hypnotise your problems away. Don’t buy into that fantasy. Nobody is going to wake you up with a click of their fingers and everything is going to be all right. To make the changes you want it will take effort. Not too much, just enough to make some nice changes in your life. I’ll make it easier for you.

Where Are You Based?

I am based in Brookfield, Middlesbrough in the North East of England. Distance is not an issue as most of my clients use Skype so I have clients from all over the world. It’s up to you, you can come to my office or you can do it over Skype. Both ways work equally well.

Can I Do It?

Think positively and you will get positive results. If you go into this thinking you haven’t got the willpower or strength to succeed then your beliefs will govern your actions, and you’ll get the outcome you predicted for yourself. Basically the more effort you put in the more you’ll get out. The question is if you don’t do this what are you going to do?

Do You Guarantee Success?

Absolutely not. The reason why is that I can’t guarantee you will do the work at your end. If you don’t do the assignments and practice the techniques then it won’t work. That is your responsibility. I know if you follow the plan things will improve massively for you but you must do them! My mentoring is a partnership where we both give 100% to get the right results. We don’t go into this talking about failure or “what if it doesn’t work”? If you are accepted it means you’ve convinced me that you have the drive and determination to make it work!

I remember a therapist friend of mine once advertised “money back guarantee” on his website. Soon he was inundated with people ringing asking about the guarantee and saying “so if it doesn’t work I get my money back right”? Needless to say people went into it half-heartedly as the attitude was that it didn’t matter if it didn’t work as they could just ask for their money back. He dropped the guarantee after a month and his success rate soared again!!

Do You Have Any More Information On Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis?

Sure you can read about how it works, how it feels and what to expect in the Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis FAQ HERE.

I’m Still Apprehensive

Of course you are, the internet is full of people claiming that they can help you with something so here’s the simple solution. You can order my new book on amazon kindle for less than £5 to see if you like my style. If you don’t like what you read you’ve only risked the price of a cheap takeaway meal. If you like the book you can fill in the application form and schedule a FREE no obligation strategy session with either myself or a specially trained colleague to see if what I do can help you. I can’t say fairer than that can I? I never try to sell you on anything, it either will make sense to you to do it or it won’t.

You can find my book on Amazon HERE

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Steve Norton