Fear of booking a call

The first step is to make a move

The fear of booking a call can be daunting. What will Steve think about me? I think the same thing of everyone who books a call with me. They they are being bold. I think they are courageous. I think they are brave. No matter what they say I sympathise. Why? Because I’ve been there too. I’ve walked that path. I’m the last person who will judge you. I’m there to help. I don’t bite!


fear of booking a call

I know you’ve nearly called…. But at the last moment your fear of booking a call has stopped you.
The more you put it off the more difficult it seemed.
You have to overcome your own fears to make the first call. That in itself is the start of the change process.
The next hurdle is what to do after the call. Book in then and there or say “I’ll think about it”.
If you have to think about it when you’ve had years of misery then it’s dead in the water. You’ve now chosen a life with anxiety. The time to act is now.

Opportunities should be taken

Life presents opportunities to change the direction of your life. Some you grasp others you don’t.
It’s in these moments of decision that your life changes.
Getting to that point of change takes the longest time.
Every time you give in to fear you are giving into something you know deep down is not true.
Every enquiry I have that I speak to, is never as bad as they thought.
Yet staying anxious is always as bad as they thought.

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