One of the things that I stress to my clients is how many times we have certain “friends” in our lives that will drop us the moment we are no longer useful.

The sad truth is that a lot of people will simply use us and move onto someone else when it suits them or we are no longer useful. But don’t pine for these people as they were never a true friend.

They are what we call self sorters. They are always looking for what they can get out of you. Once they’ve had their use you get dropped like a stone.

These people are just leaches so feel no loss if they dump you as they were only a leach anyway. I see some of the nicest people who regularly get taken advantage of.

Often by people who make them feel guilty if they aren’t at their beck and call. They put their own self and needs at the back of the queue.

This can cause much anxiety. If someone uses me, and it does happen from time to time I release them from my heart. I understand the game they play and why they do it.

I do not mourn them as they were not a true friend anyway. It leaves me with only true friends in my life and that is a wonderful thing to be celebrated. Celebrate your true friends.

Have a great day.