We only get one crack at life.

We only get one crack at life.

I remember when I had anxiety and needed help looking for a therapist who could help me. I remember looking at the fees and thinking they were “expensive”. At the time I was earning very little so paying out a few hundred quid seemed daunting.
So I was faced with a choice. I could keep my money and stay the same. Suffering with anxiety and lack of confidence or I could invest in myself. Obviously I opted for the latter. It was money well spent as the removal of my anxiety and the boost in my self-confidence has earned me a better career with a much larger salary so the initial investment paid off mightily.

More important than that though is how I still feel today. Still using the techniques and philosophies I learned back then I have enjoyed a more fulfilled life. You can’t buy that! The money I invested in therapy would have been swallowed up quickly buying something in the hope it would make me happy had I not chosen the right path.

I remember how nervous I was making the call. I was pacing around the room. I think it took around 20 attempts to pick up the phone over a few days. I thought the person on the opposite line would think I was mad! In fact, it was the opposite. The person made me feel very comfortable and reassured me.
My advice is this. Invest in yourself. Don’t waste your money trying to buy happiness with possessions. Real happiness is built from the inside, not the outside. If you have something stopping your happiness take a leap of faith and do something about it.

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