Great Testimonial

As a therapist, I have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of all my clients. For personal reasons, some people can’t leave testimonials on this page. This lady who wanted to remain anonymous sent me this via email yesterday because she wants others to understand that there is help out there for anxiety.

No further words are needed other than to say a big thank you to her for choosing me to help her.
“I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was 16, always felt worried nervous for no reason, then as I got older it got worse and developed health anxiety as well was awful spending time going back and forwards to doctors for many years fobbing me off with tablets which never worked and had awful side effects. Anyway in January this year found Steve on fb by a friend I know liking he’s page, I got in touch with him best move I’ve made after one session felt so much better, had 3 sessions now as well as hypnosis and it’s nice to know I actually feel normal again definitely recommend Steve, so supportive and end the end of phone text or email if you need him, hope this helps other anxiety sufferers”.

Warm regards


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