How to be happy in a Stressful world!

Do you find it hard to juggle your life with so many stressful things going on these days? Do you feel overwhelmed / anxious? Do you want to have more control of your emotions your thinking? If so Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist is running a brand new seminar to help you deal with life a lot better. With over 21 years experience working with every type of issue Steve will show you how to remove the blocks that stand in the way of happiness.

What you will learn on this seminar:

How and why you think the way you do!

How negative thoughts, beliefs and memories are created

How negative thoughts, beliefs and memories can be changed

How to change Phobias

How to address Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How to alter past painful memories

How to gain confidence

How to increase your self esteem

How to gain motivation

How to create a positive frame of mind

The Venue

The 7 Wellbeing Centre is part of the Butterwick Hospice situated in the grounds of North Tees Hospital.

3pm-5-5.30pm approx. Sunday 11th March. Only 30 spaces so act fast!


Sold out!

Please note that once tickets are bought they are non refundable.