Help for children with anxiety

One of the hardest things is watching your child suffer from anxiety. You feel helpless and because you are so close to your child they often don’t want to open up to you. But if you’re looking for help for children with anxiety there are a few choices out there.

There is the NHS route where, conselling or CBT if often offered or you can go private to a specialist like me. Obviously going private is not free but the level of expertise and training of the therapist is of the highest standard.

Team effort

Help for children with anxiety is a team effort. Families coming together to support their children is a must. Take the family below. This family pulled together to get the right results.

A team effort is needed to break free from the grip of anxiety. When you have the type of home support that this young lady has it makes all the difference.

When your family drive you 40 miles to your appointments you know you’ve got the best people in your corner.

What an honour to meet this family and for them to put their trust in me with their amazing daughter.

Massive respect 🙏