Helping a family member with anxiety!

One of the hardest things about my job is talking to people about their family members that need help. When a family member is having problems it’s often just as stressful for the family even though they haven’t got the affliction.

They desperately want their, son, daughter or partner to get the right help and are often confused which route to take. Often the person involved isn’t receptive to starting therapy either, much to the frustration of the caring family member.

The problems start when you go down the standard route of using the NHS to try and solve the situation. GP’s haven’t got the expertise or the time to help so to appease you they will prescribe drugs.

When that doesn’t help then there’s counselling, when that doesn’t work there’s CBT, when that doesn’t help there’s a visit to the psychiatrist who then prescribes even stronger drugs.

This is where it really goes wrong. Now you have a drug addiction that’s far worse than the original problem. If that route doesn’t make sense to you and you think you’d be better off with a safer and natural approach send me a message.

I promise that I will listen, that you are not just another client. You will be understood and you will be given the care you need to get you through this.

Warm regards


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