How does being on medication affect Hypnotherapy?

Medication and hypnotherapy.

So a question I get asked all the time is does being on medication affect the results of hypnotherapy. The simple answer is yes, it can. It all depends on the drugs, the amount you are taking and how long you’ve been on them for. Typically people start out on a low dose and as with all medications they can become immune to them pretty quickly. Suddenly you’ve gone from 20 milligrams to 40, 80, to 200+ milligrams. This is where the problems start. The more you take the more side effects of these drugs start to come into play. Then you have to take other drugs to try and counteract the side effects of the first set of drugs you are taking. And guess what….those drugs have side effects too! The side effects are often what the client took them for in the first place. Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, dizziness, insomnia are all possible side effects from these drugs.

So how does that affect hypnotherapy treatment? Well because all of these drugs have an effect on your brain chemistry. They can play havoc with it, so on one hand I’m trying to help you with your thought patterns but on the other your battling with the foreign chemicals in your brain that are causing your emotions to fluctuate. When clients come to see me who aren’t taking any medications the whole process runs quite smooth but when clients come and they are on high doses of medications it makes my job 10 times harder. The client can be doing everything right but still feel anxious because what they are feeling isn’t what they are doing in their mind any more but rather its caused by the side effects of the drugs they have been prescribed.

I find that a low dosed amount of prescription drugs of up to 50 mg tends to be fine to work with. Above that amount tends to cause problems. Clients are often desperate to come off these drugs because of the side effects but you have to follow the right protocol to come off them. I will consider working with people who are taking higher than 50 mg of medication but they are always told that the process will be more difficult. It’s their call. It’s best to wean yourself off them completely before deciding to go for hypnotherapy. We hypnotherapists can only do so much to change the thought patterns if a persons brain chemistry is unbalanced by the medication they are taking.

So if you’re considering hypnotherapy you need to consider what I’ve just said. If the drugs were working you wouldn’t be looking for hypnotherapy anyway.