How to stop health anxiety

How to stop health anxiety

Ok so we’re going to talk about how to stop health anxiety, the symptoms of health anxiety and how hypnotherapy can help.

Firstly to understand how to stop Health Anxiety, we’d have to look at the life of Maria. Maria had always been on the move all her life, and had managed to be in great shape physically until one fateful winter. She says that she reached out put off her alarm clock early in the morning one day, and she felt a sensation like there were many needles on her leg.

It wasn’t a strange feeling, it had been happening a lot recently, surely it must be a common thing. She would only need to ask other people about it and they’ll tell her exactly how to stop the sensation from happening again, if only she knew the name. Curious as she is, she decided to pick up her phone to Google the needle-like sensation, and her life changed forever. Little did she know that that was the start of the cycle of the symptoms of health anxiety.

The Google search results revealed that the sensation was called pins and needles, but she also found out that she had a case of lung cancer, and suddenly it all made sense. The pins and needles, the endless cough, even the difficulty in breathing symptom that she wasn’t feeling at the time was probably because she was at some sort of early stage of the disease, and in a few months’ time, she’d be dead. Being a strong girl, after crying about it for a few days of course, Maria was ready to tell a couple of friends that she was going to die soon. They were distraught!

Health anxiety and causes

She opened up about her condition, and how she has gotten to terms with it. Her friends knew how hopeless the situation was for her, and that much more couldn’t be done about the problem than she keeping to her medications, so they decided to start planning a surprise party for her. Only problem was, Maria wasn’t looking like she was dying anytime soon, and she hadn’t really taken any tests. Had she stumbled on the quickest cure for Lung Cancer?

When a friend of hers messaged me about the situation, I decided to quiz Maria about my observation, and to my surprise, she hadn’t found a cure for anything, not even pins and needles. Needless to say, She didn’t have lung cancer, she had just been sleeping in a bad posture. I quickly recommended the way to improve her blood circulation, and in a few days’ time, the sensation had stopped.

That was a great scare, but the problem was that she turned up in a few weeks’ time, crying about how she must have gotten Guillain Barre’s Syndrome. This time though, I was prepared. I’ve known this devil for a long time, the devil called Health Anxiety.

The problem of how to stop health anxiety has developed over the years into a massive member of the anxiety family, under the subfamily of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD). Which is at least, and to a reasonable extent, because of the double-edged access to instant information centres like WebMD and Google. Don’t get me wrong, these are great assistants on their own, but in the hands of someone who’s starting to get worried about this symptom or that symptom, these same aides can be quite the guillotine.

Having health anxiety is simply having the excessive worry that you might have a disease you may or may not have. If you read that line defining health anxiety, and it seems like you have a similar issue, then you probably have Health anxiety, about having Health anxiety.

Health anxiety symptoms

 Jokes apart, though, Imperial College of London’s Professor Peter Tyrer, the head for the centre for mental health, declares that one out of every hundred people in a population show advanced health anxiety symptoms. Here are some health anxiety symptoms that can guide you in knowing your mental health status:

  • Over-consciousness about every skin bruise, bulge, swelling or lump
  • Nerve-wracking doubts about sensations like prickly, itchy, burning or prickly feelings
  • Excessive worrying to the level that it affects everyday living
  • Obsession over available tests, online or not
  • Refusal to have confidence in medical specialists, or even pay attention to medical programmes that might expand their fears

Covid-19 health anxiety

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people all over the world have attested to the fact that the biggest blow to humanity has been a mental one, which is no disrespect to those who had the coronavirus. The simple and relatable nature of the Covid-19 symptoms are easy prey for health anxiety symptoms (sneezes will never be looked at the same again). As a result, people with health anxiety are caught up in a disastrous web of self-affliction that doesn’t really let down easily, while it affects their social life, relationships and career. More than ever we need to find the right way how to stop health anxiety.

In fact, the cycle of suspicion and worry only gets thicker, until the health anxiety symptoms reach an almost corporeal level, that your body’s immunity starts to deteriorate. Predictably, this only worsens the problem since you have a lot more symptoms for the health anxiety symptoms to play with. The result – Health anxiety plus!

Hypnotherapy for health anxiety

The first thing you should obviously do, is to stop the Google searching. For people that are afraid of fatal diseases, or have family members that have previously had fatal encounters with some serious afflictions, the inclination to health anxiety is usually steep. So, there’s no need to rush it by facing new information to strengthen, what could be a bag of hot air.

Next, and the most important step, is to relax. Of course, just like many mental illnesses, simply telling yourself to stop worrying is likely to yield very terrible results. The way out is an inimitable method that makes use of the very best tools of psychosensory therapy. Chief of these measures, is the tool that directly instructs your subconscious to relax – Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy creates a relaxation imprint on the mind of the person with health anxiety by phasing them through hypnosis. Think of it as an external button that can unleash the suppressed desire to relax and stop worrying, if you wish. When used alongside state-of-the-art tools like CBT, hypnotherapy takes a whole different shape for people showing health anxiety symptoms, helping them to breathe easier and better until they get a hold of their worry.

How hypnotherapy works

Once they can stop the worry, they block the part of the cycle that causes the behavioural attributes of health anxiety to persist. This then serves to regress the deadly thinking patterns and feelings. Done right, hypnotherapy can be used to even used to make good use of the experience of health anxiety. That way, you can adopt safer living protocols, without obsessing about your health.

Also, hypnotherapy removes the compulsion that people with health anxiety towards tests and other ways they seek reassurance. Hypnotherapy simply unlocks one truth about the mind, the fact that the mind works continuously to protect the body from harm, and that subconscious thought is more than enough, and any more reinforces the health anxiety cycle, which is counterproductive.

Just like Maria has overcome her health anxiety by availing herself to a few hypnotherapy sessions, this solution to health anxiety has proven to be a clean and comfortable alternative to what can be a painful and fatal living condition, if you let it.

Rather than work against your mind to bring down your health, hypnotherapy offers a chance for you to focus on what you should be doing – living your life.

If you’d like to learn how to stop health anxiety feel free to get in touch. Approximately 25% of the clients I work with have some form of health anxiety.

Using my tried and tested methods we can remove the obsession in around 4 sessions. 

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