How’s your sleeping??

How’s your sleeping??

Are you one of those people who once your head hits the pillow your brain wakes up and you can’t turn it off? Do you toss and turn going over things from the past and what might happen in the future? If so I have a solution for you.

Beware though it will challenge your normal way of doing things and might sound odd! Bear with me please.

So when you’ve been faffing on your tablet all night absorbing all that trivia to amuse yourself while the TV was on in the background. You were blocking out your thoughts.

Now it’s bedtime and the world is silent it’s just you and your little gremlin again and he wants to play. We’re so surrounded by noise and blah these days when we turn everything off we feel vulnerable! So the gremlin comes out and wants to analyse everything!

What happened at work, what will happen tomorrow, who said this, who said that. The chatter begins. Every night becomes a battle and if you actually drift off you wake up at 5 am.

So here’s what to do. Rather than waiting to go to bed to think through your life do it at 8 pm ish and do it this way. You need to stop asking the gremlin stuff as it’s not going to help you but ask your wise subconscious mind instead. What??? Never mind just go with this.

OK here’s what you have to do. Find a quiet place. Somewhere comfortable. Next, relax by taking 5 deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Imagine yourself sinking down deeper and deeper. Now deliver any queries this way to your subconscious mind. You must ask specifically for the subconscious, not the gremlin.

“subconscious mind what do I need to do in order to solve X problem”? Or “subconscious mind what’s the best approach I should take to achieve X” or something along those lines. The most important part is to ask the subconscious mind for the help.

Now just relax and wait. The answers can’t be rushed. Just wait to see what floats to the surface. Now you have resolved the stuff that you would have been stressed about all night. By running through the days events in a relaxed state you can view them more objectively.

Try it, it works.

Warm regards


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