Hypnosis Home Study Versus One To One Therapy

The question I asked the most whenever I get an enquiry is how does the success rate compare between those using hypnosis downloads and those coming for one to one sessions. The simple answer is one to one fairs better. Why? Here are the main reasons.

The person who chooses the hypnosis downloads route has to be self motivated and self disciplined to do the course. They have to set aside the time to do the materials at set times and not be distracted by anything else. That’s not always easy when you have kids or other commitments.

If you can do that then there shouldn’t be any reason why the hypnosis downloads shouldn’t be successful. The main problem I see when I check out my competition is that the hypnosis audio tends to be just an mp3 CD with no other guidance or help within it. The idea that using a mp3 CD to quit smoking for example by itself, without any backup is at best hopeful. I would reckon most people wouldn’t quit via the mp3 alone.

The problem with something like smoking for example is that it’s a complex thing to crack. Stopping smoking can be hard as habits are formed and it becomes an integral part of a persons coping mechanism. in my opinion just listening to a hypnosis audio will not cut it. In order to stop smoking you need a plan. A plan to avoid starting smoking again whenever a stressful situation hits home. If you have no plan B whenever hit hit a stress trigger you will want to reach for a cigarette.

My stop smoking package not only contains hypnosis downloads but it comes with the tools to help you change your mindset and behaviours so that you don’t reach for a cigarette in the future. It comes with a an ebook with coping techniques, a 2 hour DVD that teaches you my Thought Retraining techniques and also an hours Skype or telephone consultation with myself. Yes my package isn’t cheap like these hypnosis audio’s you see on the internet, but what’s the point of paying less for something that won’t work?

The main benefit of a home study package like mine is that you don’t have to travel to see me. You don’t have to get the kids minded, and its cheaper than seeing me for a one to one. The package is designed to be as near to a one to one session as you can get.

The benefit of the one to one package whether that be via Skype or in person is that it feels more personal. It’s done in real time where questions can be asked and they are answered immediately. Also techniques can be used in person to asset a person’s change process. To be honest you can’t beat face to face and if you can afford it, its the most effective way. With one to one hypnotherapy we build a relationship where as with the hypnosis downloads route you don’t get that side of it as much.

So both ways are effective but it does come down to this summary. If you are self motivated, have a bit of self discipline and are on a budget the hypnosis downloads route is for you. If though you think you need the personal touch and you can afford it, the one to one hypnotherapy is the best route.


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