Hypnotherapy by the session

So a question I get asked quite a bit is why don’t you let people pay by the session?

Here’s why. When you read the reviews it looks like the people who see me have an easy ride. Some do yes but some don’t. In my 4 session gold package clients often have a rough week as they go through the process.

Some need the full 4 sessions until they feel the benefit of the program. Some of those people if they hadn’t committed to the program would have quit when the going got tough. But because they had paid for the whole program they stuck with it. Nobody wants to waste money.

Since I changed the way I treated people to a program rather than by the session my success rate tripled. Nearly everyone who is accepted onto the program is successful. The fact that I have taken away the easy quit option is for my clients benefit. It gives them the best chance for success.

Every now and then I let people pay by the session. Nearly all of them fail to finish the program. They tend to be unreliable too. It’s human nature to quit if the option is there. By signing up for the program it commits you even if the going gets tough.

Because I care about my clients and want the best results for them I will be keeping this policy. 24 years in this job has taught me a lot about people. Make it easy to quit and they will, make it harder to quit and they are more likely to succeed.

Best wishes