Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Addiction

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addictions what we will discuss next. Do you think you have a drink problem? Well if so then read on. You’ve probably tried on numerous occasions to stop drinking only to fall back off the wagon again. You ask yourself “why do I do it, why can’t I stop it?” Even though you know the dangers and you know the upset it causes your friends and family you still can’t stop doing it.

Why do people drink alcohol to excess?

Having worked with a number of heavy drinkers over the years I have found that one of the reasons for drinking is to try to dampen down the incessant chatter that is going on in their heads. I find that people who have a drink problem do so because they seem to be unable to relax the internal chatter of their minds and alcohol helps to do just that. The drinker drinks to  escape their own mind and the annoying thoughts that go with it. To put it simply they are trying to blot them out with alcohol.

It seems that the only time they can get any peace with their minds is when they are drunk. This is not a great strategy though as the effects of alcohol only compound the problem more. Alcohol not only destroys the body it also can destroy families ad ruin lives but you know that already don’t you. You could say that the drinker lives the daily torture of their own bothersome thoughts so they look for some relief in the only way they know how.

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

This though is nothing but a facade, which becomes more ridiculous by the day. Usually the more drunk a person gets the more stupid their behavior becomes as friends and families can become tired of the drunken rantings.  Soon the person needs to be more drunk and more often to maintain it. The bottom line is fear, fear of being the person really you want to be.

This fear and doubt is caused by an inability to control ones thoughts correctly. This inability to control this function causes the doubts to show up in the first place. At this point the conscious mind is in charge and the wise sub-conscious is dulled by the effects of alcohol and the bullying conscious mind. It is the conscious mind that causes the problems in the first place and it is that part of the mind, which a person is trying to get away from.

How I can help with alcohol addiction

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction is not often the go to method. Combined with Thought Retraining it can really help. The constant chatter and analysis of the conscious mind must be controlled if a resolution to alcohol dependency is desired. This can only be achieved with the knowledge of how to do just that.  You would be surprised how easy it can be although it takes practice to get the new thinking process going.

I have had success in just a few weeks with clients using my therapy. Please note that for acceptance to my therapy a strict criteria must be met. If you are a full blown alcoholic unfortunately my therapy would not be a good fit for you. I work with people who drink too much but do have a level of control that allows therapy to take place. it is not possible to treat people who have drunk alcohol within the last 48 hours. I will not take on any person as a client that i do not think I can help. I hope you appreciate my honesty.

I treat Alcohol Addiction the following way:

  1. Thought Retraining. I teach the client how to stop the thoughts that cause their alchohol addiction. Any bad past memories would neutralised.
  2. Hypnosis. Using hypnosis we can help remove the compulsion to drink and replace the drinking routine with the response they would prefer in the future. 
  3. Testing. We test the work we have done by comparing the new feelings and responses compared to how they felt before. Any further work would be employed.

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I’m always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding my alcohol treatment or anything else. Feel free to message me on here or request a free strategy session. Check out my services and prices page for more information on how I can help.

Alcohol addiction can be beaten.

Excessive drinking can be beaten but I would be a liar if I were to say that it is an easy straight forward thing to resolve it. It takes effort on your part and a full commitment is needed but it is in no way impossible. As we are right now somebody somewhere is creating a life away from alcohol. You can do it too. Do not give in to drinking, your life is too important for that. It’s not too late to do something about it. Your life CAN be something you can be proud of. Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction can really help.

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