Hypnotherapy for Anger


Help for Anger

If your looking for help for anger issues this is for you! This common complaint affects many people and it stems out of frustration.  Mental rules are set up where someone or something has to be done in a certain way otherwise the “rules” are broken leading to an outburst. The anger sufferer believes that things should be done a certain way and when that expectation is not met a “rule” is broken which leads to anger.

A need to control is the underlying cause where the person becomes angry when one of their “rules” is broken.  Because these rules are usually unrealistic (apart from to the person who has set them up) they become constantly broken which can lead to anger and frustration. The anger sufferer totally believes that they way they see the world is correct and that those who don’t see it their way are in fact faulty in their thinking and need to be corrected. A need to enforce these rules is often the job of the anger sufferer. The anger sufferer has life set up to fail.

The Negative effects of anger

I have found that this type of negative behaviour is caused by the build up of general stress.  The need to release from stress can often manifest itself through anger or angry outbursts.  Yet again an inability to control certain factors in life is often the cause. Often the person who suffers from angry outbursts in frustrated in their life and takes their frustration on whoever they think they can away with.

Of course this is an impossible situation as everybody else has their own set of “rules” and is busy living by them too.  The idea that our way is the correct way to think and act is of course nonsense.  It only makes sense to us because of the way we were brought up.  We are all shaped by our upbringing and life’s experiences so we grow up with different beliefs, which make us all different.  The idea that we know best is not true.  Often it is only best for us.  The person who suffers from uncontrollable anger can be frightening to know and can also become violent if it is allowed to flourish.

How stop Anger

To change this negative cycle, anger management must then be a consideration and in my experience it can help dramatically.  The first step in my anger management training is teaching the sufferer about how to control their thoughts through Thought Retraining.  The second way is relaxing hypnosis as it is important so that the nasty chemicals that are built up by those angry thoughts are released.  Perception changes can be made during the course of hypnosis.

The techniques for anger management can be employed straight away and results can be experienced after just one session.

For the person who cannot see me personally for anger management help is at hand via Skype or FaceTime available on this site where the Thought Retraining technique is explained in easy to understand plain English. There is so much in my 1-2-1 sessions or my online program that would help the anger sufferer. These range from changing beliefs to understanding expectations that it couldn’t fail to hit home in some way. The first step to changing a problem is to admit you have one. Now you have, let’s make it better!

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