Hypnotherapy for Confidence

How to have more self confidence

Now you CAN have Confidence!

One of the truly remarkable things I see every day in my office if the transformation of so many clients who come to see me wanting to boost self confidence. I’ve had people come in as nervous wrecks and just a few weeks later transform themselves into the person they want to be.

Hypnotherapy is probably one of the fastest ways to increase self confidence using suggestion at the subconscious level to facilitate a person’s natural confidence. Sometimes a client says that they have never had any real confidence or sometimes they say they have lost it. Either way hypnotherapy can make massive strides in creating a better self image and higher self esteem for the person involved.

How does confidence training work?

I must state that Hypnotherapy not just about hypnosis though.  I use many different techniques and strategies to get through to a persons confidence. You see its not that a person isn’t confident it’s just that the confidence is held back by the persons thinking and other issues that are explored in therapy.

There’s a confident person bursting to get out in all of us but there are internal factors blocking that release. My job is to break down the blocks and allow the free flow of confidence to bring it to what it should have been. The biggest blocks are the beliefs people have and the thought patterns that have been conditioned into their thinking. The good news though is if you can condition them in you can condition them out!

Why do people lack confidence?

There are many instances where people lack confidence a common one is when meeting people. This doesn’t have to be in large groups of people either sometimes it is just one to one. Often the person who lacks confidence is a secret over analyser and deep thinker. This personality type usually runs through a lot of negative thinking before they do anything such as meeting people.

Often they will run through negative scenarios in their head before they set out to do something installing fear into the situation. The person who lacks self confidence is generally very self conscious and acutely aware of their emotions monitoring them fearing any jump in adrenaline and then labeling it as fear. They fear then opinions of people who in reality are caught up in their own thinking and don’t think about them half as much as they think they do!

The other type of lack of confidence sufferer is the one that constantly doubts their ability. This type lives in the “what if” mode and imagines making a cock up of whatever they want to do. In fact both types tend you live in the mindset of “what if” mode. The people who struggle the most are the types that live in both modes.

Also both types tend to live in “Yes but” mode too. Generally when you say something complementary to them they follow with “Yes but….” And follow that with a negative counter argument. It’s almost like they cant accept anything positive about themselves without coming up with a counter argument.

Why does this happen?

The reason why is that the person who complains about having low confidence is using their conscious mind for the majority of their thinking and it is that mind that is creating the problems. You are meant to be using your subconscious instead. Confident people use their subconscious. The subconscious mind is your wisdom, your common sense that takes care of business leaving you get on with life.

The conscious mind by default though is a fault finding mind so whenever you use it to run your life by it creates a life of wariness and over caution. It holds little wisdom. Let me give you an example. If you are about to cross the road your cautious conscious mind quickly creates all of the worst case scenarios to help you avoid getting run over by a car so you watch out. That’s the conscious mind doing its job properly. The problem though is when you try to use it for your every day thinking; how you think about your self and your life it does the same thing. It finds fault every time!

How I can help

Its not that people lack confidence its that the way they use their mind wont allow their confidence to be present. I teach my clients the keys to self confidence. I show them how their thinking creates confidence or not. I use a combination of Hypnosis, NLP and BWRT if needed. Most people see good results from just 3 sessions with me.

If you haven’t already, check out the anxiety test that is on this site to see if you are conscious mind driven. Remember you do have confidence inside you just need to know what to do to unlock it. It will never get trough though if your conscious mind is running the show. When you remove the conscious mind from your thinking, your confidence can grow.

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