Hypnotherapy for Depression

Can Hypnotherapy help for Depression

A question I get asked all the time is Hypnotherapy for depression, does it work? Our minds are the driving force to our emotions. What we think about tells our body what chemicals to push out. So our body reacts to our thoughts in a nutshell. Our body is like a loyal servant it just obeys our mental commands. So if we generate thoughts that are positive in nature our body will send us feelings based upon that. The same goes for negative thoughts.

It’s a normal human response to feel depressed when big negative stuff happens like, bereavement, divorce, illness and other life changing things. In time the pain should ease even though the memories can still lead to sad feelings. If though, we are permanently depressed and have been for over a year, something different is occurring.

How does depression start?

As the events have passed that first caused the upset, the depression is now not caused by the events of your life it is now caused by our own thinking. How we are running our minds and what we are focusing on, on a daily basis is creating the depression. You see in order to feel depressed we have to feed it. It eats negative thoughts for breakfast! Without our part in the process, it can’t survive. It needs the repetition of the same types of thoughts to keep it going.

By repeating those thoughts over and over they then become a conditioned response. That means when we wake up in the morning they wake up with us! We have programmed our mind and your body to respond that way. We need to take responsibility for that and that is the hardest part to accept. We feel like its life’s events that are causing us to feel depressed. It’s not, it’s us and the way we are running our minds. Maybe that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Why we get depressed

But here’s the thing, none of us were taught at school how to run our minds correctly! We’re left to our own devices with that one. We’re taught lots of stuff we never need but NOT how to run our minds. So it’s hardly surprising we get into trouble. So when people ask me what I do for a living the simplest way to answer them is I tell them “I teach people what they should have been taught in school, how to run their minds”. That process I call….Thought Retraining.

Thought Retraining is a simple easy to understand and implement technique, that shuts down the negative chatter in your head. Not only that, it reprograms the mind so that the habitual thoughts that were causing the depression, anxiety, or other unwanted behaviours are replaced with healthier thinking. I find that no matter how bad a client may feel after they use the Thought Retraining technique their mental state improves dramatically.

I treat depression the following way:

  1. Thought Retraining. I teach the client how to stop the thoughts that cause their depression.
  2. Hypnosis. Using hypnosis we create a new more positve thought pattern about the future without depression.
  3. Testing. We test the work we have done and compare the new responses and feelings compared to the old.

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Change is easier than you think.

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