Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Fear of flying or flight anxiety is a very common problem which can severely limit your enjoyment of life, be it for business or pleasure.  However, hypnotherapy can dissolve the fear of flying, and quickly and easily help you overcome your fear. We do this by removing the negative emotions associated with flying.

Phobias of flying are irrational, and stops many people from traveling, preventing them from enjoying holidays, visiting friends and family, and engaging in business activities. Many people take prescription drugs such as Valium, or drink alcohol to cope with the feelings. Some people just endure it and spend the entire flight in panic. Hypnotherapy is by far the safest and most effective way to deal to overcome fear of flying phobia.

It is estimated that up to one in ten people suffers from a fear of flying. So put that into perspective globally. Many people find that they pass their fear onto their children too.

How do we become scared of flying?

The fear of flying, also known as aerophobia or aviophobia, is caused by your mind warning you that it’s dangerous to get on a plane.  Unless there is a visible problem with the plane this message is not appropriate. It’s the over sensitive minds protection mechanism that thinks its keeping you safe that needs reeducating. Tens of thousands of people people have already used hypnosis to not only overcome fear of flying, and have gone on to enjoy flying.

Hypnotherapy can help install new patterns of behaviour.  Instead of dreading flying or even boarding a plane after hypnosis you can simply relax and start to enjoy the flight as unbelievable as that might seem.  Some people instantly know they have lost their fear of flying Kath end of the session. Others experience the change when they arrive at the airport. Everyone is different.

How we treat Phobias

Your Phobia
All phobias are by irrational fears. They become conditioned at one point which also means they can be de-conditioned.

Your Mind
Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, Steve finds the thoughts that cause the conditioned response your so they can be changed to the preferred response of the client.

Your Response
Once we have agreed on what a preferred response would be we install that response in place of the old one. We do that by employing Steve’s psychological techniques that may or may not include hypnosis.

Your Freedom
Once you realise how easy it is to change your fears such as fear of flying you will find you overall confidence growing. It’s an added bonus!

Most phobias are dealt with in 1-2 sessions though sometimes it can require 3. If it wasn’t at least 50% better by 3, I would not suggest any further sessions. You can book your sessions one at a time.

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