Hypnotherapy for Fear of Needles

needle phobia

Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia

Needle phobia is the fear of injections or indeed the sight of hypodermic needles and syringes. There are a high percentage of people who are believed to suffer from a phobia of needles. Whilst nobody enjoys being pierced by needles, there is a level that goes beyond dislike where the person can become intensely anxious and panicked at the sight or even at the thought of having an injection. The person with a needle phobia will generally avoid any procedure that involves needles or syringes. This can be extremely dangerous as there might be a time in the future where the persons life might be in danger unless they receive treatment via a needle.

Hypnotherapy for needle phobia is an effective treatment.

The person with a needle phobia could miss out on holidays that require vaccination. Hence missing out on so much that life has to offer.
The installation of the fear of needles has has 2 main causes.

1. Early childhood memory of a distressing incident for either the person or witnessing someone else having a traumatic incident.
2. A build up of anxiety over time due to not liking the feeling of injections and the sight of their own blood. Maybe an incident where the person fainted during the procedure.
The fear of needles can be so severe that the person can create a full blown panic attack at the thought of an needle or through seeing a syringe at the time. 

The fear of needles can indeed cause dizziness, fainting or temporary loss of consciousness.

How to Get Over Needle Phobia

I’ve personally treated many people successfully with needle phobias. Treatment can be actually tested at the end with the person holding a real syringe maybe for the first time.

In most cases I have found that the needle phobic requires just 1 session. Occasionally 2. I have never needed 3 to date.

In my experience needle phobia can be totally eliminated through my tried and tested methods.

Through using the most advanced modern psychological techniques I have found that treating phobia of needles to be a fairly un-complex procedure.

After treatment clients generally report that they no longer have any anxiety at the thought or indeed during the procedure where needles are involved.

It is important to note that you will not enjoy having an injection. The person will still not WANT to have an injection but the fear and anxiety will be gone or greatly reduced. My needle phobia treatment is remarkably effective. In my experience when tested against other therapies and medications hypnotherapy is the best approach.

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