Hypnotherapy for Gambling

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Addiction

The compulsive gambler starts out looking for the short cut to wealth. Before long we have a gambling addiction. There are two types of gambler. The first have an occasional bet where they bet what they can comfortably afford to lose and view those losses as worthwhile expenses for the entertainment they have received in return.

The second type is the compulsive gambler who hates losing his or her money and seeks to recap their loses with further betting. These people are life-blood to the bookmakers who cherish these clients. Because the compulsive gambler hates losing money, they live in hope that one “big bet” will pull them out of the mess they are in and then they will stop.

They constantly mull over the amount of money that they have lost and get stressed out about it. The thought of losing all that money annoys them so they try to win it back again via more betting. The challenge is, though, is that although they can logically see the nightmare they are in and the way it is wrecking their lives, they still enjoy the buzz of betting. The buzz overrides the negative side of gambling rather like the heroin addict wanting the fix. I’ve seen people lose their businesses, marriages and homes through excessive gambling and still gamble.

How to beat gambling addiction

There can be no cutting down or only having the occasional bet. For the person with the gambling addiction or problem there has to be a clean break. A no nonsense plan of action has to be set up where the person begins to change some of the old habits so that the new ones can come into place. It’s not too late to stop and it certainly is impossible. It’s time to stop kidding yourself that everything’s okay and that you will stop before it goes too far because all you do is move the goal posts when the old break point is broken.

How I can help you with Hypnotherapy for gambling addiction

I treat gambling problems in various ways; sometimes I use Hypnotherapy for gambling it can help to remove the compulsion to gamble before any belief change work is undertaken. Hypnotherapy can rapidly reduce or even completely eradicate the compulsion to gamble so it is a great starting point for therapy.

I also teach the client Thought Retraining to teach the person how to control those compulsive addictive thoughts. Other techniques such as BWRT and NLP could also be used depending on how the sessions go. This all happens in the course of about three weeks of personal therapy with the strength of commitment from the client being the key to the success of therapy.

There are many different techniques for helping with gambling addictions.

There is only more misery and more debt as a gambler. Ponder this: in a bookmaker’s, how many windows are there to pay your money into? How many windows are there to pay out to? What? Are you still here? I thought you had a big decision to make! Do not waste another penny on making somebody else rich! Hypnotherapy for gambling can really help but you’ve got to want it badly!

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