help for health anxiety

Help for Health Anxiety

If you’re looking for help for health anxiety you’re in the right place. Health anxiety forms a large part of my daily clients. It is the issue whereby the person involved believes they have an underlying health problem that my not have been detected by doctors.

The person involved believes that every ache or pain could be something more serious and starts the worry process until they do indeed start to feel ill. Frequent trips to the doctors ensure and when the doctor can’t find anything wrong often specialists are called upon.

It is not uncommon for the health anxiety sufferer to pay for private tests, sending blood, urine and other samples to private clinics. When these tests prove that there’s nothing wrong they receive temporary relief only to move on to the next possible health problem.

The condition is made worse by the person joining online forums looking for evidence to back up their core belief that something is wrong with them.

 Signs that you have Health Anxiety:

  • You wake up and rate how you are feeling every morning.
  • You worry that any ache or discomfort could be the start of something more serious.
  • You read about cancer and other serious diseases daily or weekly.
  • You feel anxious all the time.
  • You feel discomfort in the head, chest or stomach.
  • You are regularly at the doctors asking for tests.
  • You feel that the doctors aren’t taking you seriously.
  • You ask to see a specialist as you don’t trust your doctor.
  • You can’t stop worrying about your health.
  • You think you might have cancer.

If you have or are suffering from health anxiety do not despair I can help. You can also come to see me personally or via an online video conference such as Skype. Health anxiety usually requires a minimum of three to four sessions for successful resolution with further reinforcing of the therapy on the clients part.

I help people with Health Anxiety the following way:

  1. Thought Retraining. I teach the client how to stop the thoughts that cause their health anxiety.
  2. Hypnosis. Using hypnosis we can remove the fear of their health being in danger and replace it with the response they would prefer in the future. 
  3. Testing. We test the work we have done and compare the new feelings and responses compared to how they felt before.

Please have a look at my services and prices page for my health anxiety treatment packages. I’m always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding health anxiety treatment or anything else. Feel free to message me on here or request a 3O MINUTE Telephone consultation. Check out my services and prices page for more information on how I can help.

Health anxiety can now be successfully treated.

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If you’re struggling with Health Anxiety call now and we can get the ball rolling. Alternatively fill out the contact form below and I will contact you in due course.