Hypnotherapy for OCD


Hypnotherapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / OCD

This disorder is a very frustrating problem that affects many people with varying degrees of severity. From checking compulsions to superstitious rituals this disorder tends to get worse the more it is acted out.  Things like constant checking to see if you have locked the door or checking to see if you have turned off the oven are common symptoms. Also saying certain things when you see things like crows or other animals because you believe that something bad will happen if you don’t is another common trait of the sufferer. Using hypnotherapy for OCD is a great tool. 

These obsessions can cause an enormous amount of anxiety for the sufferer as it starts to encroach into other areas of their lives, including their relationships and at work. Often a person with obsessive compulsive disorder will try to mask their problem in front of other people.  In time it becomes too difficult to do. In some fields it is believed that there is no help for the sufferer and that only drugs can help the symptoms subside. I actually have a book, which claims that obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD cannot be cured. Fortunately before I read that book I had treated quite a number of such cases with great success.

Maybe I had better recall my old clients saying sorry I made a mistake you aren’t really better now because it can’t be helped! The truth is that there is never nothing we can do.

How I Treat OCD with hypnotherapy:

  1. Thought Retraining. I teach the client how to stop the repetative thoughts that cause their OCD.
  2. Hypnosis. Using hypnosis we create a new more positve thought patterns about the future living without OCD.
  3. Testing. We test the work we have done and compare the amount of repetitive thoughts compared to the old.

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This treatment by itself is enough in most cases I have worked with to bring about a major lessening of the condition. In fact I have had success from 50% improvement to total resolution through using the Thought Retraining technique by itself. I usually add hypnosis for my personal clients also, which can speed things up but most clients improve without it.

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