Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks

panic attacks

Hypnotherapy For Panic attacks

Panic attacks usually occur after the symptoms of stress have been ignored. This seems to happen all by itself but it is actually built up by thoughts beforehand. After the first panic attack occurs, the worry begins where the person dreads it happening again. The thought of it happening again is replayed over and over until it becomes a conditioned feeling of dread whenever the thought is thought. The more that it’s thought, the more conditioned it becomes, so that it is inevitable that the negative scenario will occur. When it obviously does occur, and it will occur because you have programmed it to do so in your mind, you then feel validated and say “I knew it would happen”.

Why do Panic Attacks happen?

The fact that it happens again and again is due to the re-thinking of old memories of previous panic attacks and then imagining future scenarios of seeing yourself in some kind of negative imagined scenario. Imagining yourself acting in some negative way, such as totally freaking out and making a fool of yourself in the situation. This might seem ludicrous but this is what people do to themselves in their minds. Most people do not even realise that they are doing it to themselves, though. The more you do it, the worse you feel. Whenever we get something like a panic attack it is a signal from your body, which is telling you that something is wrong with the way you are living. These signals that we receive — whether it is a headache or palpitation — should not be ignored because if we do, they will become worse.

Panic attacks or anxiety attacks which are the same thing are seriously disturbing to the sufferer with an even greater heightened anxiety level after each attack. The sufferer dreads the next one and then avoids situations that they believe another one might occur. Hot flushes and shakes are the most common symptoms of such a condition where the person can become faint or believe they might pass out. Mental and physical relaxation is needed then with Thought Retraining  to help change the negative though patterns. The future behaviour reversal exercise I use during hypnosis helps create the necessary mindset for a new behaviour strategy to begin in place of the old one.

How I help people with Panic Attacks

If you have or are suffering from panic attacks do not despair there is help. On a personal you can also come to see me personally or via an online video conference such as Skype. Panic attacks usually require a minimum of three to four sessions for successful resolution with further reinforcing of the therapy on the clients part.

I treat Panic Attacks the following way:

  1. Thought Retraining. I teach the client how to stop the thoughts that cause their panic attacks.
  2. Hypnosis. Using hypnosis we can remove the fear of panic attacks and replace the fear with the response they would prefer in the future. 
  3. Testing. We test the work we have done and compare the new feelings and responses compared to how they felt before.

Please have a look at my services and prices page for my panic attack treatment packages.

I’m always happy to answer any queries you may have regarding panic attack treatment or anything else. Feel free to message me on here or request a free strategy session. Check out my services and prices page for more information on how I can help.

Panic attacks can be beaten.

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