Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

The Steve Norton Quit Smoking Programme

Q. Why is my programme so successful?

A. Because we deal with it in 2 ways.

  1. The first way is that we create and install the most powerful enough reasons to make you want to stop smoking.
  2. The second way is that we take away any desire for you to smoke again!

OK, so you’re thinking of giving up the weed. I have helped hundreds of people like you quit smoking using my ONE SESSION quit programme. YES just ONE SESSION! The programme lasts 2 hours and my success rate is second to none. You have to be serious though; nobody can stop you if you don’t really want to stop.

Make no mistake STOPPING SMOKING is a big decision, but a good one. You may still have some doubts on whether you could or should stop smoking, that’s only natural but remember you never hear people say they regret stopping smoking. Hundreds of people have already quit on my programme, and I love helping people. Make the right decision!

You can look forward to: 

  1. Having more money 
  2. Having better breath 
  3. Feeling healthier 
  4. Not smelling like an ash tray 
  5. More self confidence
  6. More self control
  7. No more guilty feelings 
  8. Feeling free 

Ridding yourself of:

  1. Financial suicide 
  2. A slow painful death 
  3. Bad breath
  4. Smelly clothes 
  5. Cigarette induced stress 
  6. Social disgust
  7. Cigarette company control
  8. Bad health / feeling like your 100

Will you make the right decision? Will you make the phone call?  Will you  make it work?!! 

UNDERSTAND you are not losing a friend, you are ridding your self of a DIRTY HABIT!

An average 20 a day smokers pays around £3000 a year to smoke. The cost of the Stop Smoking course is £195 per person.

Please note that the acceptance of a candidate for the quit smoking course is down to the discretion of  Steve Norton. If Steve believes that person is not ready for the course that person will be declined. This is for the benefit of both client and therapist, Steve does not take on clients solely for financial gain. I do hope you appreciate my honesty.

How long does it take? Approximately 2 hours give or take either side.

Why does it take 2 hours? My job is to get both of your minds in agreement. you’re conscious and subconscious mind. This takes a little time.

Can you stop me smoking? This is a question I get asked most days. My answer is NO. No I can’t stop you smoking but I can help you immensely to make the transition a lot smoother or in some cases easy but I cannot claim sole responsibility for you stopping smoking. I cannot stop a person smoking without the cooperation, desire and effort of the person who comes to see me. Often people who ask me that question are looking for the magic spell that does not exist. It would be extremely arrogant of me to claim that I stopped a person smoking. I prefer to say I helped.

Is everybody accepted on to the course? No. I decline about 50% of callers who ask for help. Not everybody is suitable for the course and people must pass the strict criteria that is actually for their benefit. I ask people a few questions and if they tick the right boxes they are accepted, if not I decline.

Why don’t you accept everybody? The reason is because I don’t want people to waste their time, money and effort on something that probably won’t work. It can be emotionally hard for people who don’t stop with hypnotherapy so it’s better to decline them to avoid the distress. If I was greedy money orientated person who didn’t care about my clients I would say yes to them all but that isn’t my agenda or me. I care passionately about the people I see and if it doesn’t work it devastates me too! My reputation is solid as is my commitment to my clients. I never say yes to a client I don’t think I can help.

I’ve never tried to stop on my own before does that matter? Yes it does as if you have never tried you don’t know if you could do it without hypnosis do you. You might not need it. Many people quit without hypnosis but if you have never tried how do you know you can’t do it. I find that when people who call me tell me that they haven’t tried it is because they are looking for the quick fix, the miracle cure etc and they are refused.

I’ve been smoking for 40 years does that matter? Not one bit. I can honestly say that I have found that how long a person has smoked for has no bearing on the result. If you come with the right reasons and attitude you can do it.

Is there a back up service? I give all my clients a two month FREE back up service after the stop smoking course which includes telephone support and even extra hypnosis if needed. it’s rare that you would ever need it but it is there if you do. Everybody is unique so I can never tell who might need an extra booster.

Will I crave cigarettes after treatment? Hopefully not, but if you do any cravings you get won’t be as bad as going cold turkey. In the course of the treatment you will understand the real reason why people crave cigarettes and this helps to eliminate it.

Will I get withdrawal? Some do some don’t, but whatever happens it won’t be as bad as having your legs removed or getting terminal cancer due to smoking.

What if I start smoking after 6 months? If a person starts smoking after a month it is because they have chosen to smoke again and not due to a failing in the treatment. If a person chooses to smoke again but then later regrets it, it is their fault and not mine. I cannot stop a person making choices in their life, which would be both impossible and immoral. When a person comes to see me for help I take it on good faith that they really do want to stop smoking forever.  If they don’t then they have conned both themselves and me.

What is your success rate? Due to my strict criteria it is around 80%, which is good. Don’t believe anybody who tells you they get 100%.

What is your guarantee? My guarantee is this: I will give you 110% in order to help you stop smoking. I will do my utmost best. I can no more than that. You have your part to play too.

Stop Smoking Fee £195

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