Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

the no excuse weight loss program]

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hi Steve Norton here. It’s embarrassing to admit….I was fat!

Here I am trying to get the right angle on a video so that people couldn’t see my gut. At 18 st 6 I was going to the gym but telling myself that because of that, I could eat whatever I wanted. Every week I was getting heavier and heavier. I’d even convinced myself that I was putting on muscle!

I was telling myself blatant lies!

If you asked me how many calories a day I was eating I would say 2500. In reality I was eating over 4000! I was making excuses like I had no time to eat right and even that I was drinking a lot of water and that had caused my bloat. I reached a point like a lot of people do when you look at yourself naked in the mirror and say OMG. There’s no getting away from it I was fat pure and simple so you’ve got to call it was it was. Ugly artery clogging fat!So I made a decision I was going to lose weight. But in order to do that I had to face reality and stop the ridiculous EXCUSES that were nothing but downright LIES. Lying to myself and lying to others. It is my firm belief that unless you get rid of the excuses you will never lose weight long term.

That decision was a turning point for me and I lost 3lb a week and in 5 weeks I lost 18lbs. 18 lbs of ugly fat but something else happened. My blood pressure lowered, my energy levels increased and here’s the best bit…I kept the muscle underneath!

How did I do it?

1. I lost weight by using using self hypnosis to visualise the size I wanted to be. By using hypnotic suggestion I was able to program my mind to select the right foods to eat and also motivate myself to enjoy exercise.

2. Understanding calories. What I didn’t understand about before was CALORIES, and how many calories were contained in the food I was eating. Once I understood how many calories were in the foods I was eating losing weight was easy. Yes easy and I lost weight without feeling hungry.

3. Using hypnosis I was able to visualise myself exercising and program my mind to enjoy it.One of the main problems people have is that they think negative thoughts about exercising or going to the gym. Using hypnosis I was able to create a better mindset that not only got me to the gym but made me actually want to go!

What makes my program different to all the other weight loss programs out there is that I work with the mind not only the body. You’ve probably been on lots of diets and maybe weight loss clubs so you know what needs to be done, but losing weight is more about MINDSET. Without the right MINDSET the average person relapses after 5 weeks.

So I have created a four or six week weight loss program depending on what you think you need that uses cutting edge hypnotherapy and habit breaking techniques that can help to remove the cravings, compulsions and reasons for turning to food for comfort.*

If you’re serious about losing weight and controlling your eating then changing your mindset is key. Hypnotherapy has proved very successful for the treatment of weight control and weight loss as the habits that are continuing the problem are often locked in the subconscious of the mind. With hypnotherapy a person can be taught a new healthier lifestyle which will promote the desired weight loss instead of the negative eating habits which create the symptoms to start off with. With hypnosis a person can help to change their negative eating patterns so that new ones can replace them. Food urges can be changed by the many techniques Steve uses with great effect.*

What makes my program different to all the other weight loss programs out there is that I work with the mind not only the body.

Introducing the NO EXCUSE weight control program.

Often emotional issues go hand in hand with the person who is trying to lose weight. Weight loss can only be successful with the successful resolution so these issues so that any therapeutic work can be effective.

Most people who have tried diets in the past find that it’s just a matter of time before they crack and go back to their old eating habits. In my therapy there are no diets only a tried and tested formula that if followed will help you to lose weight.

As the name suggests the NO EXCUSE weight loss program is not for the person who thinks we can lose weight without putting in any effort. This program requires work and complete cooperation from the client. Steve does not accept any excuses on this program.

Once we eliminate the excuses we use we are then on the right track to weight control. If you are of an over sensitive nature or are offended by the truth then this program is not for you.

If though you are results driven and serious about making a change then get in touch.

What’s involved with the treatment?

The NO EXCUSE weight loss program comprises of 4 one to one sessions on the Gold package or 6 one to one sessions with me on the Platinum Package either personally or via Skype. Everything you see on the Packages is included on this program. Simply order the Gold or Platinum Package when you want to book. Each week we check on progress and address any challenges you might have encountered. Depending on how much you need to lose we aim to help you lose a healthy 2-3 lbs a week.*

We will be using a combination of Hypnotherapy and other psychological techniques to help change both a clients routine of life and thoughts about food. Most people over eat not due to hunger but to manage their emotional state. They comfort eat. By working on what makes them uncomfortable and helping with that, the need to use food for comfort is reduced dramatically.

What is covered within the 4 or 6 week treatment?

Dealing with the emotions that can cause you to over eat

Nutrition and its role in mental health

Dealing with food cravings

Exercise and its role in metabolism

Self image and visualizing your end goal

Not all calories are the same

Here’s What You Get With The Gold or Platinum Weight loss Packages

 4 or 6 one to one sessions with Steve either via Skype or at Steve’s private office.

 This premium package includes unlimited access to all home study packages.

 Steve’s private telephone number for further support.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes.

12 months email support.

Two months complete mentoring.

Additional sessions discounted to £50.

Free PT consultation with experienced trainer.

Private Facebook members only mentoring support page.

 And Free subscription to Steve’s 12 month Mentoring program worth £120.

Gold 4 session package £450 

Platinum 6 session package £550

I also offer a study at home weight loss download program for people who don’t need a one to one program.

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If you’re struggling with your weight call now and we can get the ball rolling alternatively fill out the contact form below and I will contact you in due course.

Call Steve on 01642 766405 or 07825018878

*Disclaimer. No guarantee of weight loss is given. Every person will have unique results. Some people will lose more than others. Every effort will be given to help the person coming for treatment to lose weight. Complete cooperation is a must for treatment to be successful. If a person doesn’t follow the course or do any homework the working relationship will be terminated.

**As Michelle is a full time PT and is giving up her time to help you, any appointments arranged must not be missed. If you live in the Middlesbrough area Michelle is happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat. If not an online platform like Skype or FaceTime would be fine. Michelle offers services not linked to Steve Norton and does not receive payment from Steve and vice versa.