Is therapy expensive?

I recently had an enquiry where the person said I was too expensive. I always say to them “compared to what?”

Last year I worked with a client who had over 50 paid sessions of therapy before they came to see me at a cost of £4000.

My gold package 4 sessions with 12 months aftercare is £295. The client who paid £4000 didn’t even their issue fixed. Do the maths. Most of my clients only need 4 sessions or less.

I have clients who spend not only 1000’s of pounds but also so much time attending appointments for therapy that didn’t help.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?

Like I always say if you aren’t in a better place after 4 sessions you won’t be better after 40.

So I will ask you. Is my therapy expensive? Look at my reviews for the answer.

Warm regards