Listen to your body

So on Friday I came down with a heavy cold. As normal I tried to ignore it and planned to go to the gym. As the day wore on I felt gradually worse. By Saturday morning I was good for nothing.
All weekend I was thinking when will I get better so I can get back to the gym. Roll on today and I still have it. Today it dawned on me what’s happening. Every time I felt a little better I planned my next gym session. The next thing I felt ill again.I believe it’s my mind creating the illness to prevent me from going to the gym. It believes I need a week off and the only way it can stop me is to make me feel ill. I realised that I have trained 6 days a week for pretty much a year and I do train hard.

So I will listen to my body and take a week off the gym this week to rest my body. You can’t beat your mind if it wants to stop you. It knows you don’t have the common sense at times to know when to take a break.

So listen to your body as it’s always talking to you.

Best wishes