Mental health awareness week

Hi Steve Norton anxiety specialist here, and guess what, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week again. God I hate this week, where everybody goes on Facebook talking about…. If you need a friend I’m there…. If you’ve got some mental health issues you’re okay, it’s okay not to be okay, and all that crap that you see on Facebook.

Why these campaigns aren’t effective 

What they should really be talking about is the biggest issue of it all. Which is why, why do so many people these days have mental health issues? That’s the real question I reckon about 80% of people actually walking around at any given moment got mental health issues, matters mean the Gordon math doesn’t mean they’re on the, on the brink of suicide or anything but they are actually operating on a level where they’re just not happy.
The question is why. Okay, it’s this case that the pandemic helped out with the upside the Freudian slip out of the equation. Let’s say that it didn’t happen this Corona stuff. People were still getting more and more anxious all the time. And the reason why is because this is simple, people on average do not know how to run their brands, so that they can make themselves happy.

Buying happiness

And you see all the time because people will go and try to do external things to try to make themselves happy they will go to the doctors for pills they will go to the beautician for Botox, they will do not see anything wrong with that but that’s what they do, they will get their lips fat, they will do all sorts of things they will try anything struggling to make themselves feel happy.
Now the problem with that is that whenever you try to use an external device or tool to try and make yourself happy, it is always a very short lived, outcome. The real reason why most people are not happy today despite the fact that we’ve got more money, more nicer cars nicer houses, they know better lifestyles than ever.

It’s all about the mind!

It’s because the way that they run their brain is not in line with what will make them happy, is the way that they’re think whether they have their perception set up on all different things. So it doesn’t matter about what you’ve got, or whatever like that, How much you how big your houses. If you’re not running your mind right, you’re never going to be happy.
So, mental health week. Well, the biggest problem that, that we have to do is that the mental health services provided by the NHS are crap. I’m just going to be blunt, the outcrop counselling is not good for anxiety, it’s not great for depression, it’s good for bereavement CBT, I also know people.
I will say well CBT CBT is effective, it has a very very low success rate, and is often traumatic for people going through it. So, what people really want is actually how do I go from where I am now to where I want to be. That’s what people really need to know because what most people don’t realise is the way that they’re running their brands daily is not the right way.

Poor results aren’t goof enough!

Yes, you get some good results, you got to work on that, whatever, which generally what happens is, on a personal level, how you think about yourself personally is not working for you. So when I do my anxiety programme is I teach you how to control your mind. I give you the missing information that you need to bridge the gap.
So, when we go to school we’re taught all sorts of things that we never need to know like algebra, but there isn’t a lesson called how to run your brain. Well that’s exactly what I teach on my programme. I teach you how to control your thoughts, how to think with logic. What foods make your brain work better and how to control your emotions and so many different things like that.
That’s just one of the first four sessions on the programme. So rather than going through and doing the same things over and over again in your mind getting the same results. Why not say look, I’m going to try something completely different. Because what you’re doing now simply is not working.
And the definition of madness is doing the same thing, that didn’t work, try and get different results. So I’ll leave you a little link to have a look at my programme. Check it out. 
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