My anxiety journey.

My anxiety journey.

25 years ago I didn’t understand why I was so nervous when everyone else around me seemed fine. Why no matter what I just couldn’t relax. Why I couldn’t stop feeling the tightness in my chest, the palpitations, the sweats, the dizziness and feeling like I was in a movie. Why couldn’t I just do the simple things without the feeling of dread?

All I knew was everything I’d tried before hadn’t worked and I needed things to work this time.

I realised I needed to make changes in how I felt. Thankfully, I found the help I needed. I became committed to doing whatever was necessary and I cut off the idea of failure. I took the advice and followed the plan and in a few months I changed years of anxiety and depression and life opened up for me.

Whatever is between us and the happiness we want in life is something to be challenged. We don’t have to have the answers at the start, just to be willing to start looking for them. We have to be committed to doing whatever is necessary or we just stay the same. I’m not saying everything was plain sailing. It was a challenge every day and yes I still work at it!

Since getting past those issues in my life I’ve been making up for lost time. I’ve learned from the best therapists and trainers including Paul McKenna, Tony Robbins, and been privileged to have the opportunity to train with world leading therapists & trainers Nik and Eva Speakman.

In delivering thousands of sessions with people from all walks of life I’ve found that far too often we struggle on because we don’t know what to do. Often all we do is get better at enduring more intense levels of anxiety. We think of it as normal or “Just me” that I am an “Anxious person”. Nobody is born an anxious person we become that way.

For the vast majority of people change is possible. Life can improve. There are different answers and methods that suit different people but the common denominator is we have to commit to seeking change and working at it. It’s not magic, but it is something we can build.

I really hope you will find what you need this year.

My advice is to understand that it’s not our circumstances that control our feelings but how we think about these circumstances. We can’t change our anxious feelings without changing our anxiety provoking thoughts. The key is knowing the end outcome you want to achieve. We might not know how we’ll get there but that end goal will send our minds looking for the solution.

Change is easier than you think!

I’m always happy to chat about how we can make a positive change in life so feel free to get in touch or check out my website at the details below.

Wishing you every success and happiness in life,

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