Understanding Pain

Pain is a signal from your body to tell you that something needs your attention. It’s a fantastic thing! Imagine if you didn’t have it; think about the further damage you would do. Pain signals could actually save your life! Pain gets you to slow down and get the necessary medical treatment you need to make a recovery.

But what about pain that won’t go away? Pain that’s been hanging around for a long time, pain that doesn’t respond to treatment any more. Let’s call it old pain. Old pain is pain that no longer serves a purpose but won’t go away. Is that useful?


Why maybe? Maybe your mind knows more about you than you know yourself. Maybe your mind knows that if you didn’t have the pain you would overdo things, do more work, do more cleaning, do more sport and because it knows your personality, it’s holding on to the pain to stop you from doing those things. Why? Because its worried you will burn out and die if you don’t slow down!

Just maybe…..

Take people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for instance. Before they develop the conditions they are normally very highly driven people either physically or mentally or even both. They are typical people pleasers always helping others and feel guilty if they can’t help everyone. They are always at the back of the list where it comes to their own needs. They never relax and are “always on the go”. These people blast through a normal person’s limits and will do whatever it takes to get things done. Their own health and wellbeing take a back seat.

Then one day they get sick and can’t move. They are stuck in bed. At this point their concerned mind sees the person resting and thinks….Hmmm now she’s finally resting! I say “she” as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is mostly a female condition as women try to juggle everything (multi task), work, housework, kids, looking good etc. However it does affect men who have the same driven character traits but it does occur predominantly to hard working women.

So the mind sees an opportunity…. it sees that you when your ill you stop rushing around when you get sick. It doesn’t want you to die but as you’re not looking after yourself it now takes evasive action. It keeps the pain and fatigue even though the virus has now left. It has found a way to slow you down!

Every now and then you wake up and you feel fine and you overdo things and your mind sees that and makes the symptoms return! It’s like your mind is testing you, seeing if you have learned. When you don’t learn it brings back the symptoms that slow you back down.

Here are some other examples:

So a man who works 6 days a week lifting concrete slabs develops back pain that prevents him from working any more. Years of trips to the doctors and he’s still in pain. Nothing can stop the pain; he goes from taking ibuprofen, to tramadol and still no let up of the pain. One day he wakes up and he’s feeling better. So what does he do? He jumps back into it and starts overdoing it again. He starts to lift heavy things. The next day he can’t move his back.

This guy is so driven that he neglected his health by doing too much so his mind then creates the pain to stop him from killing himself. This is because he doesn’t have the common sense to realise it himself. His mind didn’t trust that he would have the sense to stop when he needed to because in the past he didn’t.

Example 2: A woman in her late 30’s who wants to be as fit as possible and has very high expectations of herself, runs 7 days a week. Soon she develops a mystery pain in her leg, which means it’s painful for her to run. This annoys her and she tries to push through the pain barrier by taking pain relief meds. Nothing seems to relieve the pain despite having x-rays, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and numerous tests that draw a blank.

Why? One reason could be that her mind knowing her believes that she won’t stop running until she does some permanent damage to herself or even worse have a heart attack and die. So her mind creates a symptom that prevents that from happening. As soon as she has a good day, she makes up for lost time and overdoes it. The next days that follow she is racked in pain. Instead of taking it easy she did too much and her mind brought the pain back to prevent her from creating further damage.

The mind works in mysterious ways…. or does it?

When you think about it, it makes total sense. If a person is not using his or her own self-preservation or common sense and the mind thinks there is a danger that the person could die. Is it illogical to think the part of the mind that keeps a person alive can create a symptom to prevent that person from potentially killing themselves?

Nope when you think about it, it’s quite logical. When you meet people who have long-term pain before they had it they are normally people who do too much, won’t slow down and ignore their own body when it needs rest. So because they can’t be relied on to use common sense their mind steps in and creates a symptom that WILL slow them down.

Think about your own self now. Can you relate to any of the above character traits?

With OldPain2Go we work as a go between, almost like a lawyer to negotiate with the subconscious mind that is creating the old pain. We negotiate terms and conditions so that as long as you adhere to your side of the bargain your mind should reduce or even turn off the pain completely. As crazy as theat might sound that is how it works.