Anxiety Breakthrough System





Delivered To You By Founder And Pioneer Of Thought Retraining Steve Norton

 You Can Learn How To Change The Negative Thought Patterns That Have Been Keeping You Locked In Anxiety.


The Problem Is…

It’s hard to believe you can remove your anxiety that quickly because of the negative mindset you’ve got yourself in. You tell yourself it couldn’t work!

Introducing The Anxiety Breakthrough System: Your Inner Self Confidence Creator!

The Solution To Your Problem

Good news…. you’ve found my new online mentoring service!

Every subscriber will receive the action steps to move them away from anxiety….into an unbelievable self-confidence.

You will receive 12 lessons in total. Each lesson teaches you how to change your thinking so that you can move away from anxiety and lean to be more self confident. There are PDF lessons, audios and videos that will teach you how to gain better control over your mind. Every lesson takes you to a new understanding where you build the skills that can make you a mentally stronger and happier you.

I will give you the pieces of the jigsaw that will help you to start to chip away your self-doubt to unveil your inner self-confidence. With each lesson you’ll learn the easy steps to unlearn anxiety and reprogram your mind for self-confidence.

Does that sound daunting? It won’t be. You see I understand that you already have a lot to juggle in your life and the last thing you need when you are already feeling anxious is more work! Right?

So……. Here’s the good part!  Each lesson is short, a maximum of 5 -10 pages long in PDF, and will be a video to watch explaining the lesson for those who prefer to watch than read.  Nothing is padded out; it’s straight to the point advice that will make you get to where you want to be in the shortest time. You see I know that if I give you too much to do you’ll become stressed at the thought of extra work. That’s the last thing we want. This is not going to be a burden on your day; this is going to be something you’ll look forward to!

Please note what you read or watch in the program is not going to win any literary prizes or win an Oscar. It’s going to be raw no [email protected] info. So I need to warn you right now. If you’re hoping for a sugar coated mentoring system written to please you then this program is not for you! I’m going to tell you the truth no matter how hard it might be to take.

So what are the benefits of the mentoring program?

  • You can learn a greater understanding of your mind

  • You can feel more in control of your emotions

  • You can unlearn your anxiety

  • You can learn how to lose your self-doubt

  • You can stop worrying

  • You can remove the fears you once had

  • You can change your mind from negative to positive

  • You can be a better person to be around

  • You can inspire others

  • You can improve your relationship with your partner

  • You can feel calmer

  • You can be more fun to be around

  • You can smile more

  • You can plan for a good future

  • And much more…

With over 20 years working as an anxiety consultant, seeing over 2000 clients I KNOW my mentoring could be life changing for you.

I also know you’ve heard it all before and you’ve probably wasted money in the past on things that didn’t deliver. So to make your decision a no brainer for you.

Bearing in mind what I charge for a consultation (£87) the cost for my mentoring program for the 12 lessons would cost you £1044 if you were seeing me for one to ones. If you break it down the £97 fee  works out at just £8 per lesson.

Basically, I have made it as affordable as possible for you!

Here are more facts about the program.

Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that I’m sure you’ll see results with the program…. Here’s why.

  1. Short And Easy To Digest.

Each lesson is only 7-15 pages in length and contains nothing but “meat”. There is a very real problem these days with “information overload” where the reader simply has too much information to absorb. Each lesson is purposefully brief (but thorough!) so you can quickly read it and put it into practice.

  1. Includes An Assignment To Complete.

Every lesson will gives you a short assignment to complete at the close of the information. Instead of giving you the usual “this is what I’ve done” stuff, I’m giving you “this is what you do” stuff! Each lesson you’ll have some easy-to-implement action steps to complete before moving on.

  1. Builds As You Go.

Early on we’ll discuss some basics to quickly establish your what you need to do. From there, we’ll move into intermediate and then advanced tactics for maximising your success. Beginners won’t get lost from the start and veterans won’t get bored as we’ll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for our experienced subscribers.

  1. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.

While most eBooks and traditional membership sites (and even some high-priced coaching programs) pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself, that isn’t how things are setup in this training program. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for 12 lessons you’ll be more likely to actually do something with the content… and you’ll be more likely to see real results for yourself.

  1. Helps You Make Real Progress.

When you look back after each lesson, you’ll actually be able to see progress by putting these lessons into practice. Any new content that I want to add to the program will be placed into the auto responder sequence, you’ll actually be able to see things growing step-by-step because you’ll be following a systematic, plan of action.

So What Do You Get On the Program?

Every lesson is delivered in a PDF file (no more than 15 pages) where the lesson that teaches you how to gain mastery of your mind. This information is not available anywhere else and is EXCLUSIVE to the mentoring program subscribers only. You will learn the secrets that cut through the usual self help garbage and gives you the facts straight. You won’t have to read 100 pages before you find something useful. Every page will be valuable!

With every lesson you will receive an exclusive video that will accompany your lesson. The video will recap what you’ve read and elaborate any points that need to be explained. The videos will be raw and unedited. Straight from the hip. These videos are not available anywhere else but to the subscribers. These videos are short, powerful and to the point. Each video follows the next and provides the subscriber with a quick and convenient way to absorb the instructions. You will receive the exact advice that I would give to you if you were sat in front of me in my office.

With every lesson you will receive an audio which will be either a hypnosis program to help makes changes or spoken advice you can listen to on your phone, tablet or computer. Each recording is tailored to go with each lesson and will provide a convenient way to relax when you need to. If it’s a hypnosis recording simply, lie back, relax, and close your eyes and let Steve direct your mind towards the positive outcomes you want to achieve. If it’s spoken advice you can listen on your way to work or whenever is convenient.

Here’s An Overview On The First Six  Lessons

Lesson 1. Your Anxiety Was lying To You: The truth about anxiety.

Lesson 2. The Power Of Focus: How to get what you want.

Lesson3. Understanding Your Moods: What moods are and how to survive them.

Lesson 4. Understanding Your Emotions: What your emotions are really telling you.

Lesson 5. Dealing With Your Past: How a negative past can be your best asset.

 Lesson 6. Discovering Who You Are: So why were you put on this earth?

free gift - marketing concept - white chalk text on a vintage slate blackboard

On the final lesson, you will be offered the opportunity to have a live one to one Skype life coach session with Steve. It’s your chance to ask Steve ANYTHING! Anything at all regarding what you’ve learned and moving forward. Please note that Steve charges £££’s for this service alone and you are getting this for free as part of completing the program. This alone almost pays for the entire course. Please note that this is a time-limited offer and can be withdrawn at any time. To guarantee your FREE life coach session act now!

Every lesson teaches you how to think to get better results; to become the person you always wanted to be. It is designed to be easily understood for maximum absorbability. Every lesson takes you to the next stage of your personal development in a way you can enjoy as you learn.

“I started with Steve’s monthly mentoring course and I have found it very helpful.

As a trainer myself I have been using the techniques with my students to build their self-confidence and reduce anxiety. Written in a very straightforward and easy to understand way he cuts to the chase and tells you what you need to know straight away. I like the fact that with every lesson Steve recaps the most important parts with a video.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to lower their stress and boost their self-confidence”.
Frank Thompson

“I started Steve’s Anxiety breakthrough system July of last year its the best thing I’ve ever done,  I could feel myself feeling clearer in my mind with every lesson and calmer to deal with whatever gets thrown my way.

I feel a completely new woman the woman I should be, I’m more confident in myself so much so I’m embarking on a career change to set up my own business in something I love.

I’d have never done this without Steve’s help it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you Steve”.
Sarah L Johnston

“Hello, I work in driver welfare and training and I’ve been using Steve’s techniques and philosophies for helping my trainee drivers stay relaxed and focused during their intensive training.

It makes a massive difference when things are put as simply as Steve puts them. It makes total sense almost obviously so what he says. I’m very busy so the short intense lessons make it easy to do.

The video’s that come with the course are good too. It has been worth every penny that I have invested in this program. Highly recommended”.

James Kirwin Managing Director JK Transport Training Ltd

YES this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I’m eager to learn everything! I need to know how to get rid of my Anxiety and boost my Self Confidence.

So how do I start? You pay for the program of £97 and you can start that day. You will receive the entire program that day where you can go through it at your own pace.  You don’t have to wait for anything to arrive in the post, you will be sent a link where you can start right away.

Imagine this for just a moment …..A future where you’re living as a self confident person without the issues you once had. Imagine what you’d be doing!

If that doesn’t excite you, it’s probably time to start to plan a life of mediocrity… because this isn’t for you.

But, if this does sound like exactly what you’re looking for, let’s get started right now!

Best regards,

Steve Norton

P.S. Note our special launch price offer of  £97 can go up at any time. If you want to get this at the low price you must act now as the price can increase at any time. However if you’re lucky enough to get it at the discounted launch price then it’s a no brainer.

P.P.S For the price of a takeaway per lesson you could change your life or you can stay the same.  Seriously what have you got to lose?

Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you to become the person you were made to be!


At no point to I guarantee results. Every person will get different results. I am open and honest with every subscriber. I do my best to deliver the best content with the skills and knowledge I have. Not every subscriber achieves a successful outcome. Nobody on the planet has 100% success rate. Like anything in life this has to be worked at. I will however do my utmost best for my subscribers at all times. I can do no more than that. Steve Norton.

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