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So here’s the deal.

I’m sure you’ve been wanting to get rid of anxiety and you’ve been searching for a solution, and you’ve probably tried lots of things that either didn’t work or only had a temporary effect. The usual stuff is, self-help books, CBT, counselling, or medication.

One thing I will say is most of the self-help stuff on the market is at best terrible and a total waste of money.

The ads are always full of fake glowing testimonials promising amazing results in record time. We’ve all fell for those things in life. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

So what’s the difference with what I’m offering, and why should you trust me?

Well, for over 25 years I’ve been helping people solve just about every anxiety related issue and I’ve seen 1000’s of personal one to one clients and helped them to get rid of anxiety. My success rate is VERY HIGH.

You don’t have to just believe what I’m saying you can check me out online. I’ve been registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy for over 25 years. My testimonials can be verified. I’m real, I have a Facebook page that’s been going for years. I’m a working full time therapist who helps people remove anxiety and I will say this…..I am very good at it!

Check out the video review of my Rapid Anxiety Elimination Program below.

So this year I’ve decided to cut back on one to ones and focus on helping more people as demand has never been so great. I literally cannot see any more one to one clients as I wouldn’t have a life myself.

The only way I could do that was by creating an anxiety program that is as good as seeing me personally. So that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve created a 12-week intensive anxiety program that is the nearest thing to having one to one sessions with me. I have recreated an exact replica of what we would go through if you were sat in my office.


But here’s the difference.

♦ There’s no wait, when you pay you get started right away

♦ Once downloaded you have the materials for life

♦ You don’t have to try and remember my advice

♦ It’s less than half price of one to ones with me

♦You can do it at your convenience and pace

♦ No need to get kids minded

♦ You don’t have to travel

So what do you get on the program and how will it help you?

Ok every week I will send you guidance that will teach you how to stop the thoughts that are causing your anxiety that will build your self-confidence.

It will consist of Videos, eBooks and hypnotherapy Mp3 recordings. Don’t like reading? No worry.

All lessons have also been narrated by myself so that if you don’t like reading, I will read them out to you!

That means you can listen to my guidance when you’re driving, on the treadmill, or wherever you want to listen to it. I’ve taken the strain out of it for you.

In 12 weeks, I will teach you how not only how to remove anxiety completely but how to build your resilience, self-confidence, and make you mentally very solid.

how to get rid of Anxiety

Believe me to create this program to the level you’ll get it, has taken me a lifetime. You’re literally getting everything I know that took decades to acquire and working with 1000’s of clients.


Here’s where we get real. This program is NOT for those who are looking for a miracle. The magic pill. Or the next wonder program.

Reality check time…..

Nothing any good is easy. Everything takes work. If you are looking for the next self-help fad please leave this site now. I’m being 100% straight with you. My program takes effort. It won’t work without you.

You have to be seriously committed to the program for it to work. Not half arsed. If you think you are and you’re fed up and want to get rid of anxiety then this program is for you!


What you will learn on this program:

√ How to change your mind from negative to positive

√ How to improve your relationship with your partner

√ How to have a greater understanding of your mind

√ How to feel more in control of your emotions

√ How to learn how to lose your self-doubt

√ How to be a better person to be around

√ How to remove the fears you once had

√ How to be more fun to be around

√ How to plan for a good future

√ How to unlearn your anxiety

√ How to stop worrying

√ How to inspire others

√ How to feel calmer

√ How to smile more

  And much more…

With over 25 years working as an anxiety consultant, seeing over 3000 clients I KNOW my program could be life changing for you.

I also know you’ve heard it all before and you’ve probably wasted money in the past on things that didn’t deliver. So to make your decision a no brainer for you.

The price of the entire program is £245. Bearing in mind what I charge for a consultation (£120) the cost for my mentoring program for the 12 sessions would cost you £1440 if you were seeing me for one to ones. If you break it down the £245 fee works out at just £20 per session.

Basically, I have made it as affordable as possible for you!

anxiety help

Here are more facts about the program.

Every lesson is strategically created in such a way that I’m sure you’ll see results with the program…. Here’s why.

  • Short And Easy To Digest.

Each lesson is condensed and contains nothing but “meat”. There is a very real problem these days with “information overload” where the student simply has too much information to absorb. Each lesson is purposefully brief (but thorough!) so you can quickly listen or read it and put it into practice.

  • Builds As You Go.

Every lesson builds on the next. Taking you from strength to strength. Early on we’ll discuss some basics to quickly establish what you need to do. From there, we’ll move into intermediate knowledge for maximising your success.

  • Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.

While most traditional online membership sites give you so much stuff to do that you’ll simply give up my stuff in short and waffle free. Quality over quantity. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for 12 lessons you’ll be more likely to actually do something with the content… and you’ll be more likely to see real results for yourself.

  • Helps You Make Real Progress.

When you look back after each lesson, you’ll actually be able to see progress by putting these lessons into practice. Any new content that I want to add to the program will be placed into the auto responder sequence, you’ll actually be able to see things growing step-by-step because you’ll be following a systematic, plan of action.

help for anxiety

So there you have it. It’s decision time. To be honest if you’re not sold on this right now it’s not for you. I don’t do hard sell. It either makes sense to get rid of anxiety and do this or not.

So the price for the full 12 weeks program is £245 which is a small price to pay for your mental health and probably a lot less than the phone you’re reading this on.

I’d love to have you on board as I know this works.

Best wishes



P.S When you join you’ll be invited to my private member Facebook group too where I give weekly support for free.

P.P.S The price of this program can increase at any time so it makes sense to get it at its cheapest.

Still not sure? You can try Part 1 of lesson 1 FREE of charge HERE.

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