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Steve’s Mind Blowing New eBook

Every now and then a book comes out that changes the world. Simple Self Help Strategies is one such book. Written in a straight forward easy to understand style this book will change your life.

For years Steve Norton has been teaching people how to control their thoughts using the revolutionary techniques he has honed through years of research. A technique he calls Thought Re-Training.

Written in a simple to understand way this book gives you the all the strategies you need to change your life. Thought Re-training literally retrains a persons mind so that it can block out and easily eradicate any negative thoughts, which are the true cause of depression, anxiety and stress.

Every chapter retrains the negative thought systems of your mind and creates a stronger and wiser mindset. It is a clear and concise road map for changing your life, which anybody can use regardless of educational background. The information contained in this book is already changing the hearts and minds of its readers as the scores of testimonies I hear every day testify. This book is like no other.

Make no mistake, this is no ordinary book

BUY the book TODAY and receive Steve’s 45 minutes Treatment Strategy audio CD that accompany’s the book For Free!

What can Simple Self Help Strategies eBook do for you?

  • your self confidence
  • negative thought patterns
  • your emotions
  • a more confident speaker
  • more relaxed
  • wiser / smarter
  • fitter / healthier
  • mental functioning including memory
  • total control of your mind

And much more….

About Simple Self-Help Strategies eBook

What can I say but it’s my life’s work. It is everything I’ve learned to date in the field of self-improvement and human excellence which I have distilled for you so that you don’t have to do the research or go through the trial and errors like I did. The information in this book in my experience is the nearest thing to an owners manual for your brain. It’s what they should have taught you at school but didn’t. The information is the obvious truth about life and what you have to do to live it the best way you can.

What is it about?

That’s a good question. It’s about everything! There is no one thing that we can do to make our lives great, there are only many things done simultaneously that are needed to achieve the super life. The book will show you how to easily retrain your mind and eliminate the negative thoughts that cause you so much grief. In Simple Self Help Strategies there are philosophies and techniques of thinking, breathing, eating and moving to achieve maximum results in all areas of your life. All this is explained specifically with why and what to do to make them an integral part of your life. No stone is left unturned.

How many pages are in this eBook?

Unlike most online books this book is a true book, not a 40-50 page “guide”. What you get is the full unabridged version of my hardback book that is around 219 pages in length.

Isn’t it just a positive thinking book?

Absolutely not! This book is an easy to understand guide on how to eliminate the causes of fear, anxiety and emotional stress. You have probably found that positive thinking is short lived, exhausting and difficult to maintain. Whenever you try to think positive and it feels like an effort it is because you’re trying to convince your self of some thing you don’t really believe.

I don’t teach positive thinking, positive thinking is a natural unconscious side effect of living and following the principles in this book. No effort is involved, after following the principles your mind selects the most appropriate constructive thoughts to deal with life and its challenges automatically.

If you have to try to think positively every day it means that there are some things set up somewhere in your psyche that is not constructively working for you. The book helps you find those things and eliminate and replace them with newer more dynamic thinking patterns.

BUY the book TODAY and receive Steve’s 45 minutes Treatment Strategy audio CD that accompany’s the book For Free!

What topics does it include?

Learning how to control your thoughts! Mental and physical health improvement, exercise, nutrition, inner self-confidence cementing, memory improvement, negative belief change, behaviour improvement, in fact anything that will enhance your life and rid yourself of unhappiness is in there. So what are you waiting for isn’t it time to improve your life?

I’ve read self help books in the past and nothing changed!

Tell me about it! I’ve got a whole bookshelf full of books that promised to give me the right information on how to be happy. Most of them are hard going and not written for the intended audience. I wrote my book for you! Its straight to the point, it doesn’t pull any punches and most of all you will understand it.

So what’s on the treatment CD?

The CD is a condensed 45 minute therapy session that compliments the book. I guess its the nearest thing to seeing me personally and what we would go through over 3 sessions together. It’s important that you read the book first before you listen to the CD as the information wont make as much sense if you don’t. The CD is also a great refresher for times when you want to remember the main principles from the book but haven’t got time to re-read it.Its a way of future proofing your progress as you can listen as often as you want as you start to build your confidence. Very much like the book, its a no nonsense CD that doesn’t waste any time getting to the info you need. The CD is an extremely valuable tool to have in your bag.

All you need to know to live the best life ever BUY the book TODAY and receive it instantly via the download page. It couldn’t be simpler!

Optional Extra

60 Minutes Of Personal Self-Help Coaching via Skype/FaceTime or telephone.
OK I know there’s some of you who say they need more and have asked if I can add this to the package as an optional extra so that’s what I’m going to offer you. You’ll get an hour of personal self-help coaching with me, over the phone/Skype/FaceTime for £75 extra.

My personal clients pay me £150 for an hour’s coaching so I’ll offer you 60 minutes as part of this package at half price. I will personally coach you through this program if needed!
For an hour we can discuss your challenge face to face via Skype video. There we can create a personal strategy for you based on your goals. Nothing is held back in the session. You get the full works, exactly as you would get in my office. You’ll be surprised how much you can benefit in the hour.

Please note that this offer is strictly TIME LIMITED and could be withdrawn at any time. As part of buying this package you’ll get the coaching for half price at only £75 extra!!

The Bottom Line
Let’s face it, I know you’ve seen other sites where you can buy Hypnosis audios before you landed on mine. Let’s be honest here, if buying just one hypnosis CD and nothing else could solve your problems then all of the world’s Hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and psychologists would be out of a job!
I think we all know though that it’s not that simple. Buying a hypnosis CD will relax you for that time but it won’t solve your problems. What I am offering is different. My Hypnosis package is a comprehensive easy to understand solution to your personal issue. Don’t bother with those cheap Hypnosis CD’s, you might as well flush your money down the toilet! Get the proper guidance you need.

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the time to make the decision to make an investment in your future.

Order your complete package now giving you instant access to the members area where you can download the files straight away to your computer. No waiting, no delay. You’ve been waiting for the solution, you don’t have to wait any longer. The solution to your problems is here! Can you afford not to?


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