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A Major Breakthrough In Weight Management

Now for the first time Steve is sharing the secrets of how to control anger and stop it from coming back.

Dear friend,

Let me ask you a simple question

How much is your weight costing you in your life right now? What has it cost you in the past and what will it cost you in the future if you don’t get rid of your weight issues?

Wouldn’t you like to get rid of it forever?

I’m extremely pleased to tell you that now for the first time for a time limited period Steve Norton has agreed to share his secrets of how to beat your weight issues. Everything you’ve wanted to know about eliminating weight loss is contained within Steve’s instant download weight loss package. No more endless searching, with this easy to understand program you will discover how easy it is to remove anxiety, lack of motivate and yo yo diets from your life.

If you sincerely want to get rid of your weight issues and turn your life around you’ll be glad to know this remarkable package will help you do just that.

Here’s what you will receive…

Part 1: Steve Norton’s Mental Health Seminar Mp4

Cd with cover. Vector design.
In this powerful filmed live, 2 hour Mp4 movie Steve will teach you the keys to achieving a stronger and more relaxed mindset.

Outlined in this Mp4 movie is the key to your success, which is the Thought Retraining Technique. Finally you will learn the real truth about what causes anger and how to change it. This Mp4 movie will teach you how to control the thoughts that cause the stress that causes you to become angry using the simple techniques

outlined. You’ll finally understand why you have been unable to control your emotions and actions in the past and how to change it in the future. Outlined on this blockbuster Mp4 Movie is the blueprint for achieving anything you want in life, not only losing your anger responses!

Part 2: The Hypnotic Weight Loss Program

3 separate powerful audio tracks designed to be listened to on an MP3 or personal CD player every day for 21 days. My voice will guide you down into an amazing deep sensory hypnotic trance state before re-programming your sub-conscious mind with powerful and lasting suggestions. These actual recordings are exactly the same, as I would give to you in separate private sessions.

CD 1. Steve’s Super Weight Loss Hypnotic CD.

super weight loss

This tried and tested powerhouse CD contains the most psychologically effective suggestions to make the new patterns of behaving and thinking a regular part of your thinking and living. What does that mean for you? It means more self confidence, more relaxation and more control over your eating patterns.


CD 2. Steve’s Increase Metabolic Rate Hypnotic CD.Cd with cover. Vector design.

Here’s how it works. This incredible CD uses hypnotic suggestion to call on the subconscious mind to increase the person’s metabolic rate and core temperature. Using hypnotic suggestion Steve asks the subconscious mind to reset it back to when you were younger. A truly amazing experience! There’s over 20 minutes of gentle yet powerful hypnotherapy contained on the Mp3, weaved by Steve’s amazing relaxation music that will relax your mind and unwind your body leaving you feel like you’ve had a restful sleep at the end. I’m sure you’ll agree you could do with that! A truly amazing experience.


CD 3. Steve’s Increase Activity Hypnotic CD.Cd with cover. Vector design.

Here’s how it works. This awesome CD uses hypnotic suggestion to help boost a person’s activity level and even motivation to exercise more even if in the past they don’t like to do it! Some clients have reported that the effects are like taking an energy drink whereby they feel like doing more and they move at a faster pace. Hence burning off more calories.

Part 3: The Simple Strategies PDF e-Book


With over 200 jam-packed pages of LIFE CHANGING information The Simple Strategies eBook will guide you into better mental health and self-confidence. You’ll discover that there’s a better way to run your mind that’s the natural way to do it. This book sold separately has a 99.5% positive feedback rating and has itself received glowing reviews worldwide.

This no nonsense guide has changed many lives with its straight to the point, easy to understand information. Crammed with techniques and advice this treasure trove of information will be your short cut to turn your life around. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a self-help book and more.

But there’s even more…..

Part 4: Treatment CD

treatment strategy

This breakthrough 45-minute treatment CD is basically a near exact replica of what a personal session with me would be like. In this audio you’ll enjoy listening as I give the exact explanations and advice in a clear concise way so that you’ll understand your mind and improve your self-confidence and self esteem.

As part of the training it teaches you how to remove the “labels” we often carry around that stops us from achieving what we know we should. It’s the beliefs we have that dictates how we feel about ourselves and what we can or can’t do. The CD recording will show you how to take control of those beliefs. Think of the possibilities once you we can live with total self-belief.

The Bottom Line
Let’s face it, I know you’ve seen other sites where you can buy Hypnosis audios before you landed on mine. Let’s be honest here, if buying just one hypnosis CD and nothing else could solve your problems then all of the world’s Hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and psychologists would be out of a job!
I think we all know though that it’s not that simple. Buying a hypnosis CD will relax you for that time but it won’t solve your problems. What I am offering is different. My Hypnosis package is a comprehensive easy to understand solution to your personal issue. Don’t bother with those cheap Hypnosis CD’s, you might as well flush your money down the toilet! Get the proper guidance you need.

So there you have it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the time to make the decision to make an investment in your future.

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Weight Loss Package Download £25.00 GBP, With One 2 One Consultation £100.00 GBP